Summer Aspirations


So it's "SUMMER", the end of the University year is at an end and's the first week and I'm already bored. Not only that but I have over 15 weeks of doing nothing ahead of me and just the thought of it is making me want to cry. I know that I should get myself a job, but the thought is unappealing especially after working for 3 years straight before going to Uni. So what else am I meant to do? 

So here I am, trying to write a list of things I want to do for the next 15 weeks and let me tell you, it's hard! So if you have any suggestions PLEASE comment and help me! 

Here's what I've got so far: 

  • Get more into cake baking and decorating - I love to bake cakes, in fact, being in the kitchen is pretty much one of my favourite places to be. I love creating new ideas and trying out new things and I figured over the Summer I could take it one step further. I find myself starring at cake designs daily now, I'm not sure whether this is from hunger or obsession but either way it's something to be excited about and it's also creative and takes up time. PERFECT! If I get any good I might ever share my recipes with you! 
  • Meet Laura and hopefully go to at least one blogger meet up - I've been chatting to Laura (lisforladybird) for months now and hey, it's about time we met! So that's a definite aim, and also I'd be super interested in meeting a few more people from the blogger community. Whether that means I go to a meet up or you guys drop me an email and we can get chatting, either way, fantastic! I'm really interested in meeting like-minded people and maybe some new pallies! 
  • Run the Relay For Life - Ever since my Nana passed away in October I've been wanting to do something to sort of give back. She died of Cancer and spent most of the end of her life in a hospice so raising money for St Catherines Hospice would be amazing and also running the Relay For Life also means that I'm giving money for research into cancer! 
  • Work hard on my Uni Summer Project - I'm saying that I don't have much to do during the holidays but I do actually have to do a Summer Project for University which helps with my grades for next year. I'm not sure what the project is yet as our briefing is tomorrow morning but once I know I am going to put my heart and soul into it. I want at least a 2:1 next year so the more work I do, the better grade I'll get. 
  • Start a Youtube account - I want to do this more because it'll be super fun but I'm still a bit camera shy. I'd really like to start a beauty and lifestyle Youtube account! Although, I don't know how you'd all feel about listening to my overly Northern accent wittering on about lipstick all the time hahaha, but we'll see!
So okay, it's not a lot yet. But like I said, if you have any cool suggestions for these holidays that would be great. And if you're doing anything interesting I'd like to know about that then I can sit here, being bored and jealous of you! 

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  1. Not to be bumlicky but if u started a YouTube I would actually watch hahaha

    1. Yesssss you can be my target audience xx

  2. I'm in the same position, four months of nothing to do, not even a summer uni project. God knows what I'll do!

  3. Hey Jane!

    I would love to have nothing to do! But I know what you mean, it does get boring!
    Really good idea about the Youtube account, can't wait for that! Best of luck :)

    Just and idea but how about taking part in blog tags? I've done a few (and have some coming up) and they are really fun to do! Plus you can make up your own.

    Love, Lou xxx

    P.S. How is Domino? Is he better? x

  4. i have a youtube channel and a few videos on there but i want to make serious sit down ones like hauls, vlogs etc. I'm a bit scared of putting myself out there too!
    i'd love to go to a meetup too!

    My summer plans is to just have the best summer possible before my friends leave for uni, oh and to attend as many festivals as possible! x

  5. Love your lip colour in that photo! I have lots on my to do list :( I really need to get myself a job first of all! Lovely post! Xx
    olivia erica ryan ♡ fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog ♡

  6. Why don't you get into Youtube Videos?
    I think it would be a fun little idea for you with 15 weeks on your hand.
    Love the lip colour it's gorgeous Jane <3

    Stefy ♥ x
    Fashion + Beauty
    TWEET ME! @stefpuglisevich

  7. Oh go to a fruit picking farm. It's cheap to do and loads of fun :)

  8. your lipstick colour is fab! I definatly think you should make a youtube account! :)

    Mind taking a second to check out my blog? I love feedback!

  9. gorgeous!!!
    put yourself in a youtube channel girl
    The Land of Miabelle
    following, hope you can follow me B-A-C-K

    Oh my gosh, you should totally start a Youtube, I would, of course, stalk it! I wish I was brave enough! You know, I always wonder whether people can guess my accent by just reading my blog, it always shocks me when people who's blogs I read start up on Youtube and they're not how I expect them to sound haha, maybe it's just me? But I've got your Northern accent sussed Mrs! So excited for tomorrow!!!!

  11. Starting a Youtube channel is also in my plans for this summer ! But now I'm still waiting for spring to come.


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