Liebster Award!!


A big thanks and cuddle to for nominating me for a Liebster Award! I had a google around and basically a Liebster Award is an award for "newer" blogs from other bloggers just to say "yey you are doing a great job!" and it's so you can nominate others and hopefully everybody gains a few more followers and fans! Which I personally think is great and I'm really honoured to be nominated! 

The Rules:

You must post 11 random facts about yourself. You must answer 11 questions from the person who chose you. You must create a new set of 11 questions for who you tag. 
You must then tag 11 blogs with under 200 followers and let them know. You can not tag back.

11 Facts:

  1. I am 21 years old
  2. I have Anaemia and also suffer from quite severe Vitamin D Deficiency which means basically that because I don't get enough sun/my skin doesn't absorb the sun I am extremely pale and I have difficulties with my bones and muscles which causes me to be extremely weak, tired and sore 95% of the time. 
  3. I am 5''3 - actually the smallest living female in my family
  4. My favourite band is The Libertines
  5. I own every single episode of FRIENDS on VHS
  6. I am currently studying Design at University
  7. I have been with my boyfriend for 19 months and am still MADLY in love - he is my soul mate
  8. I believe in ghosts, faeries, mermaids and so on. I'm a complete mythological geek
  9. I am really allergic to caffeine, after drinking nothing but Pepsi and Coke for 19 years I began getting sore and itchy rashes after drinking and became really quite ill. 
  10. I have a big pink and white bear called "Candy" who I've had literally since the day I was born
  11. I am completely obsessed with Mash Potato!

My Answers:

1) Are you afraid of the dark?
Sometimes. If I'm on my own I get completely freaked out but usually if I'm with somebody I'm okay.

2) What movie or song makes you cry? 
No Lies Just Love - Bright Eyes

3) Favourite comfort food? 
Mash Potato

4) If you could live anywhere, where it would be and why?
Florida, because we've gone on holiday there for like 7 years (apart from this year sob) and it's like going home when I go there. I wish it really was home.

5) Favourite item of clothing?
White cardigan with a massive hole in the armpit!

6) What do you do to cheer yourself up on a rainy day?
Listen to music and play Words With Friends on Facebook with my Mum!

7)  Do you believe in ghosts? 
Yes, extremely.

8) Favourite book?
Perks Of Being A Wallflower OR Wee Free Men

9) Do you have a childhood item that you'll never throw away?

10) Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Hopefully working for the TV/Film industry. Hopefully.

11) Why do you like to blog?
Because it gives me something to do, and I like to connect to other people who share the same interests as me!

I Nominate! :


My Questions:

  1. What made you want to start blogging?
  2. Who is your favourite blogger? 
  3. What's your favourite movie? 
  4. What's your favourite song? 
  5. If you could live off only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
  6. Dogs or cats? 
  7. Are you religious? 
  8. Favourite make-up product?
  9. How many pets do you have? 
  10. What did you do today? 
  11. Who is your best friend and why?

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I'm Getting A Canon EOS 7D!!

My University is basically giving away cameras/macbooks/laptops/ipads because, well they're crazy! So I've ordered a Canon EOS 7D FOR FREE! And I get it in the next 2 weeks! I AM SO EXCITED! I feel like my blog is going to be significantly better now, with miles better photos ha! 

Does anybody have this camera?

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Manchester & Fit Me Foundation Lust!


So today I went shopping with my friend Abby in Manchester, I say shopping but I didn't actually buy anything but a Subway (ha) but I had a wander around and lusted after pretty much everything - God I hate being skint! 

The one thing that really caught my eye is FIT ME foundation from Maybelline. I believe it's new - I've definitely never seen it before today! And I just love it. I was trying it on all over my face and it's so thick and creamy. Perfect and a complete full coverage and I WANT IT! So this is on my list for when my Student Loan finally comes in! Has anybody tried it? Is it any good?

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Dear Santa....


Dear Santa, 

Please can I have;

Dr Martens 1B99 BootsGlamorous Black Disco PantsCamouflage Studded JacketDark Blue Washed Denim Shorts & Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer

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Why Do You Wear Makeup - TAG!


I am completely bored out of my mind so I thought I'd do this TAG since I've seen loads of people putting it on their blogs! And if you haven't done it yet then TAG your it!


1. When did you begin loving make-up?

Probably around year 11 and the start of college. I was always aware of make-up, always of the prettier, popular girls in my year being absolutely coated in orange slap. At school it never really occurred to me that not all make-up was bright orange and like cement. When I was in year 11 I bought my first mascara and liquid eyeliner - and pretty much rocked the goth style. It wasn't really until I started college that I started wearing a full face of make-up and being able to change my style so quickly made me fall in love with it.

2. How do you feel without make-up?

It makes me feel like I'm back at school again. I look completely different without make-up, I've never been a natural beauty (in my eyes anyway) and when I don't wear make-up I just feel ridiculous and ugly. 

3. What do you like about make-up?

I like that you can change what you look like in a matter of minutes. And that you don't have to stick to one style. It makes me feel pretty and confident, and I know it does that for a lot of people I know too. I actually think it's amazing and it's a complete guilty pleasure for me. Absolutely love it.

4. Three "holy grail" items?

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Ivory - a full coverage and it feel silky smooth on my face. I never leave the house without it!

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner - the best liquid eye-liner I have ever used.

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara - I have been buying this since I first started wearing make-up. It's an absolute gem.
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30% off at Motel Rocks!

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Get 30% off this week at using code minichimp2001

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NYC Perfecting Primer


So I really needed a Primer in my life, and being a student I don't have a lot of money so I opted for New York Colour's Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer. I got this baby from Superdrug for about £3.50 (if that).

The packaging is lovely and simple, black and white. Nothing too fancy but the bottle is quite small (although bigger than the collection 2000 and MUA primer).

I wasn't really sure what to expect as I've never used a Primer before, but my makeup is awful at staying on my face more than an hour, so I thought I'd give it ago! When I first applied the Primer it came out looking like a moisturiser, very white and thick. Once applied to the face the white liquid becomes slightly shiny and still very thick on the face which I wasn't expecting, but it soon dried and felt a lot more light-weight. 

The Primer is great, it does what it says and it keeps my makeup on for a good 6 or 7 hours. I actually come home from Uni still looking nice - which is a great change! So yes I would definitely recommend this product - especially for the price!

***** On a completely unrelated topic I finally dyed my roots! Whoo! *****
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Get To Know Me!


Vital Stats:
Name: Jane Louise Davis
Nicknames: None at the moment but previously; Dee, Dizz & Pixie
Birthday: 4th Oct
Place of Birth: Preston, Lancashire
Zodiac sign: Libra
Occupation: Design Student

Hair colour: Dyed blonde with dark brown roots!
Hair length: Shoulder length/20 inch hair extensions
Eye colour: Hazel
Best feature: I would say my eyes, but probably my boobs.
Braces: No
Piercings: Ears, Nose
Tattoos: None
Righty of Lefty: Righty

Best friend: Holly Ward
Award: Fashion designing award in Primary school presented to me by Jeff Banks
Sport: I used to do cheerleading and horse-riding
Real Holiday: Solou, Spain
Concert: Lostprophets - age 14
Favourite Album - Spice World

Film: Beauty & The Beast
TV Show: Once Upon A Time / Family Guy
Colour: Black
Song: The Good Old Days - The Libertines
Restaurant: Dunno, Mcd's!
Store: Topshop
Book: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
Magazine: Cosmo
Shoes: Dr Martens

Feeling: Tired and grumpy
Single or Taken: Taken by Kieron - 2 years
Eating: Nothing, I am starving
Listening to: The Arctic Monkeys
Thinking about: How sleepy I am
Watching: Nothing
Wearing: Jammies

Want Children: Yessss
Want to be married: Definitely
Careers in mind: I want to work at Media City
Where do you want to live: In a white house, with a red door.

Do you believe in:
God: Not really
Miracles: Yes
Love at first sight: Yes, only because I've experienced it
Ghosts: Yes definitely
Aliens: Yes
Soul Mates: Yessssssss
Heaven: This is a grey area for me
Hell: Maybe...
Kissing on the first date: Yeah go for it, just don't take your kit off on the first date!
Yourself: Not really, I'm pretty shit!
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OOTD & Funeral

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I'm not going to write a lot, I just wanted to show you my outfit for the funeral from Forever 21 and to say that today has been sad but absolutely beautiful. I think my Nana would of been proud and happy with her family. Everyone looked lovely, the speeches were fantastic and everybody got royally drunk - just like she wanted. x

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I Want Dreadlocks

I have decided I want dreadlocks. Now I don't mean like those people who have their full head dreaded, because I hate that. I'm talking a few cute little ones scattered in my hair in random places. Unfortunately because I wear extensions it's really hard to get my hair to do ANYTHING. So I tried the rip and twist method of dreading on one of my extensions but it just didn't work. So, no cute little dreads for me. I'll just have to sob and look at pretty pictures of hippy girls instead.  

(Photos all from Pinterest. None are mine! I just think you look lovely sob sob)

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Forever 21 - The Trafford Centre

Oh my god, I am literally jumping for joy all over the place. I am so happy, tears are running down my smiling face. 

So I went to The Trafford Centre today with my WHOLE family (godsake) and I was super excited because I knew that Forever 21 had opened up there and I was super excited to get my shopping head on. Now if you don't know Forever 21 is an American shop which I believe has only just started selling to and in the UK. I spent 7 Summers in Florida and this place was basically my haven whilst I was out there. I am talking shopping perfection.So obviously, this was really exciting for me.

Anyway the shop is HUGE, it is massive. Bigger than the Topshop and much better and much cheaper! That's my favourite thing about Forever 21 is the prices are brilliant and the quality of all the products I've ever purchased from there have been great. Needless to say, I was in there for a good hour. 

I only came out with a few things because I am SKINT. But it's my Nana's funeral on Wednesday and I wanted something nice. She wrote in her Will, that she doesn't want black worn at her funeral so that gave me a hell of a lot of options! 

I settled for a lovely turquoise blouse and a black and turquoise lace midi skirt. These two look absolutely amazing on and are also quite formal so fit for the funeral and I will definitly be able to wear these two separately with other items of clothing. It only cost about £30 for both of these items. Honestly, I am so happy!

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I LOVE New Stuff


Oh new stuff! I nipped into Primark today and got this lovely jumper for £10 and I absolutely adore it. It's so warm and comfy and was a complete bargain. I also picked up another Primark lipstick and one of their brand spanking new Lip Tints! 

The lip tint is a dark purpley colour. It applies to the lips really well, better infact than my Max Factor lip tints. I am so glad Primark have started doing makeup because they have some brilliant items and they're so cheap it's hard to say no! Everything I have bought so far has been of great quality - I NEED TO FIND OUT WHO MAKES THEIR MAKEUP!

The lip tint is a dark purpley-pink colour which is perfect and on trend for Autumn fashion and at £1.50, you can't really go wrong! At the moment they seem to have 3 or 4 colours, but I wouldn't be surprised if Primark brought out more because they are just wonderful. I NEED MORE!

 A while ago, about the 20th of September, I ordered some jewellery off a website online - all home made and lovely. The items I ordered have just arrived today!

These items are fantastically made and I think I'm in love with the skeleton on my wrist, he's adorable! The best part about these items was the price! So go and check out - now and grab some goodies!!
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New Heels - American Flag Platforms


Look at these beauties! So I received these on Monday for my birthday from my best friend Danica and they are spectacular. The shoes themselves are hidden platform shoes, so they look higher than they actually are. The heel is about 7 inches - making me feel gloriously tall (I'm 5'3 normally) and surprisingly they are easy to walk in. I absolutely love them and cannot wait to wear them on Saturday night! 

** sorry I haven't been posting as much as usual and sorry this is so short, things at home are a bit hectic at the moment and to be honest, I've been hiding at my boyfriend's house since Tuesday. **

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RIP Nana

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I don't want to write a lot because I don't think I can. But my Nana finally passed away last night at around 5am. We were all there, she died literally seconds after all her family had congregated into her room. She died in her sleep and it was peaceful. No more fighting for her life or pain any more and I'm glad of that. Rest in peace, Nana, you truly are an angel. x

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Stand Up To Cancer - Channel 4

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I just wanted to write a quick blog on the upcoming Stand Up To Cancer Fundraiser which will be shown on Channel 4 on the 19th October. This is a subject that lies extremely close to my heart. As you may or may not know my Nana has terminal cancer, I went to visit her at St Catherines Hospice yesterday fully knowing that she only has about a week to live but it was just a shock to see how much the cancer has changed her. She doesn't even look like a person anymore. The only way I can describe the way she looks is like a corpse. A sleeping, snoring corpse. It's horrible to see how it's eating away at her and there's nothing we can do to stop it. 

I know a lot of people either know or have known someone with cancer so I thought the more publicity this gets the better. If this stupid post on my crappy little blog can raise even just £1 towards saving someone's life then that would be amazing. God knows, if this fundraiser had come earlier, or last year - my Nana might have been able to survive. 

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MUA Nail Constellations Review.


So I bought the new MUA Nail Constellations yesterday afternoon, I was so excited to make my nails pretty that I practically ran home! But after trying it, I'm not so sure I like this product at all.

They were hard to apply and very messy. The MUA website tells you to shake the bottle and the balls just come out, but you have to shake it HARD, which then makes the balls come out fast and ended up all over my bedroom floor. I ended up pouring half of the bottle into a bowl and I just stuck my nails in there. The balls don't stick to nail varnish well and kept falling off any time I moved my hands. If you are going to use these I would suggest wearing a top coat of nail varnish, because one minute I had a hand full of pearly bally nails and the next there was absolutely nothing left on my nails. I was so excited about this product and I feel it was a total let down especially since I had to ask for it in Superdrug because they aren't even being sold properly yet.

I feel this COULD of been a good product, it just didn't work for me.


Last night was my birthday night out, so below is just a few pics we took around Preston. I had a brilliant time and was so happy all night long. Fab.


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Birthday Gifts, Mini Haul & Family Meal

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I have quite a bit to talk about in this post that I want to share with you! The last few days have been hectic and fabulous and I am finally 21! Whoo.

To the left are all the presents I got for my birthday. I didn't get a lot in comparison to some people's 21st's because in March my parents paid £1000 for me and my boyfriend to go on holiday so, fair enough ha!

I received: Red AXParis Dress, Cherry Sours, 21st Shot Glass, 21st Wine Glass, The Sims 3 Supernatural, 2 Chick Books, Pirates DVD, Gold Monkey Bracelet from Topshop and Earrings from Topshop.

I got the Topshop jewelry from Kieron and I absolutely adore them. I haven't taken the Monkey Bracelet off once because I just love it so much and the earrings are PERFECT to wear with my new dress. I was impressed with his choices and I'm really glad he got what he did. A* Boyfriend.

I received the Shot Glass from my friend Holly who I have known literally since I was 2 years old. I love it. It's so cute and I will definitely be using it a lot tonight! It's so personal and a great present. It says "JANE'S 21ST BIRTHDAY 4TH OCTOBER 2012". My sister bought me something similar in the form of a Wine Glass. I've only just really started drinking Wine but I definitely find it cheaper and it's great to stock up on so this glass will come in handy. It was also personalised to say "Happy 21st Birthday Jane" which I love. 

I was really pleased with my presents and I definitely felt like my friends and family know me really well!

Today with my money and since I am going out on the lash tonight around Preston I thought I'd give myself a birthday treat. I very rarely get to buy myself anything nice because I'm lacking in money so below is my "mini haul".

I bought the gorgeous bag from Primark for £6. It's going to be perfect to wear tonight with my dress, and for £6 I didn't really think I could do wrong. I also bought from Primark some baby wipes for £1 (for all those makeup mistakes I will probably make tonight before I go out) and a new Primark lipstick for £1 since my pink one is gorgeous. I've actually tried on the lipstick now and it's a gorgeous full red colour. Brilliant for £1! 
I also nipped into Superdrug because I knew I wanted some eyelashes tonight. I really wanted to buy some of the thicker Katy Perry lashes but I was scared they might be too much for my eyes so I chose "Oh, Honey" which seem to be inbetween super thick and natural. I cannot wait to try them on later. I also bought a £1 nail polish from MUA in Pink. Whilst I was scanning the MUA products I remembered seeing something on their website about a new nail product. So I asked. The product is called Nail Constellation and they're basically tiny little pearly balls which you can apply to your nail so I am REALLY excited about trying these out tonight on my nails. It only cost £2.50 from Superdrug so whether they work well or not, at least they were cheap! According to the man at Superdrug they aren't meant to be selling these yet so if you want them and can't find them, definitely ask! I will do a review on them later once I've made my nails pretty!

Lastly, last night I went out for a birthday meal with my family to Chiquitos. I had a lovely time but truth be told I was absolutely knackered and was ready for bed by the time I get home. I hope I'm not so tired tonight!

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