Rimmel Scandal Eyes Gel Liner


I decided to take the plunge and buy a brown gel liner for my eyebrows. I love my eyebrows and yet I'm always trying to improve them and make them better. Recently I watched a few youtube videos where the ladies on them were using gel liner for their brows and I thought "genius". So I ran out and picked up Rimmel's Scandal Eyes Gel Liner in brown. 

This liner has a creamy-gel texture and quite a thick consistency. It glides on beautifully and effortlessly with the aid of the Rimmel eyeliner brush which is included in the packet with the liner. The little brush is great for precision and makes applying the product so easy. It is fantastic as both an eye product and a brow product. I have been using this on my eyebrows since the day I bought it and it really helps to define my look because the pigmentation is absolutely incredible. Plus it just doesn't move an inch all day, it really sticks to my skin making this product smudge free. I absolutely love, love, love it! 

I really recommend this liner, it is definitely the best one I have ever used! In the past I've known gel liners to dry out quickly or smudge too easily but this one is absolutely fantastic and I've had no problems at all with it.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Gel Liner is only £6.49 from Superdrug, Boots or any good Supermarket! Also you can take part in my MAC lipstick giveaway by clicking here.
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Topshop Lip Cream In Pout


I do love a freebie so I was super duper happy to receive a free lip cream with my Topshop order a few weeks back. I was sent Pout which is a very, very bright orange shade. It's a sort of liquid lipstick/lipgloss mix that dries into a velvety cream finish. It is intensely pigmented, when I previous said that this was bright orange I really meant it. It's insane how bright this colour is and because of this it just doesn't suit me at all.

I have tried to wear it out, tried to make it less...bright, but I just can't get it to work. I did find however that the colour was extremely long-lasting and didn't budge all day, which is fantastic for what is essentially a lipgloss. It isn't sticky at all on the lips and I'm sure it would look gorgeous on someone who isn't me. 

I adore Topshop's makeup range and I'm not going to let the colour of this lip cream put me off, just because it isn't the right shade for me doesn't mean I won't be able to find one that is! I love the feel of this on my lips so I will definitely be investing in some other colours. If you like this lip cream, it's only £7 either in stores or on Topshop's website.

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Seventeen PHWOARR Paint - Heavy Duty Under Eye Concealer


Another one of my Seventeen purchases from the other day! Today I am reviewing the wonderful PHWOARR Paint which is a heavy duty under eye concealer designed for those (like me) with dark, tired eye circles.

This is one of those products that Bloggers just seem to love and it's one of the reasons why I picked it up in the first place. It has such a thick, creamy consistency which is perfect for any imperfections that you need covering on your face. Much like the CC cream, PHWOARR paint only comes in 2 shades; fair and medium, which may cause problems for those with a darker skin tone and to be honest, isn't really that fair on anyone that is not a shade of pale. Both of the shades are slightly orangey which I believe is because orange is supposed to be good at counteracting any dark or blue tones in your skin.  

For me, this concealer is amazing. It is the God of all concealers. We should bow down to it and make a shrine. It just works so, so well! It's thick but easy to blend, it doesn't look too over the top or cakey which is something I was worried about when I first purchased it. It feels so light on the face yet it covers everything. EVERYTHING. I use it everywhere regardless of it being an under eye concealer. I have not been this passionate about a product in such a long time, I just think it's something that everyone needs to own.

For only £5.99 this is (in my opinion) the best concealer on the market for those looking for a budget buy. I urge you to go out and buy this, it's one of my must-have beauty products now and I know I will keep repurchasing this for years to come. 

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Life Through My Phone #2 - You Are Always Drunk

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I don't know why but I really love letting you guys into my life. I'm not sure whether you actually care or not about what I'm doing, it's probably the attention ho in me but I do really like it. I'm always so interested to see what other bloggers are doing during the week when they aren't blogging or being perfect online (and you are all perfect and beautiful and I'm literally so jealous of everyone.) I think it's good to see some realness and some messiness sometimes though and I guess that's why I keep writing these sorts of posts. 

Once again I have compiled a post full of my face (hahahaha sorry) and what I've been up to these last few weeks. The other day I woke up at 5am because the rain was smashing against my window and I saw that the whole sky was like a blazing orange! It was stunning but insane. I've never seen the sky look like that before and for a moment I literally thought it was the end of the world...it wasn't. 
I've had a silly week full of tanning, gaming and drinking. I've been out on two double dates with my fella and my friends. I've tanned so much that I am this glorious golden goddess (I wish!) and for once I'm feeling super duper happy. The weekend that's just passed I spent working and then on Sunday night me and all of my friends piled to the local free music festival in Darwen and went wild. We watched my boyfriend's band play and then we went into the town centre to watch The Beautiful South play! Obviously we were all extremely drunk and slow danced then started a mosh pit to Perfect 10 and Don't Marry Her, Have Me. Mature, I know. Anyone would think we were drunken teenagers but nope, 21+. 
I do love my friends so much, look at how cute they all are *squishes faces*. These last few weeks have been so hilarious and so much fun. 
MAC lipstick giveaway here! Make sure you check it out lovely-heads! 

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FruitBroo Hot Tea


Something a little bit different today! I first heard about FruitBroo when their iced tea range was making the rounds on Twitter and Blogger. Being deathly allergic to caffeine, I personally cannot drink tea but I was pleased to find out that FruitBroo's tea range is completely caffeine free! Major plus points before I'd even purchased it. "Fruitbroo is a new range of insanely tasty juicy fruit drinks specially blended to be served hot. 100% natural with no caffeine, gluten or dairy and only 15 calories a cup!" 

I decided on buying two flavours from the hot tea range (they also have a cold tea range, which is also delicious but I'll review that another day!) these two flavours are Honey & Lemon and Blackberry, Apple & Plum (obviously, I mean I'm pretty sure you've already seen the photograph.) Both were two extremely tasty sounding flavours, and I was not wrong. 

Now usually I find fruit teas to be...tasteless. I am not a massive fan of fruit tea at all because I can never get it tasting of anything other than plain old hot water, which is rubbish really considering how much the general public pays for fruit teas. FruitBroo on the other hand is extremely tasty, instead of it being a standard tea bag tea, this is a syrup. Syrups are so, so much better than tea bags! For a start you can put as much syrup is as you like so you have full control over the taste (though you are advised to only add a teaspoon or two to hot water, I add 3 or 4!) Secondly, how much posher does a syrup seem? You always see tea syrups in posh coffee shops or chains and they always taste 100% better. This is the same except you get to drink it in the comfort of your own home. 

Both teas are absolutely gorgeous but my absolute favourite is Honey & Lemon. It's just such a comforting taste! The Blackberry, Apple and Plum tea is also lovely but reminds me more of hot vimto than tea, which is lovely in it's own way but can be too sweet if all you want is a normal brew.

I really, really love these teas and will be buying more. They are so cheap and so accessible. For £2.50 each you get 30 brews in total which is amazing. I really recommend these to those who can't drink caffeine or those who want to drink proper fruit tea and not hot water! I swear that you will love these teas, they are wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

You can buy Fruitbroo from their website by clicking here, or alternatively you can pop into Sainsbury's and buy it from there. 

Also don't forget that I'm still running my MAC lipstick giveaway. Click here to get involved!
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Seventeen CC Cream


I am not a massive fan off BB Creams, they just aren't thick enough for me and don't provide the coverage I need for constant dark eye circles and patchy skin but after fake tanning I needed something a little darker than my normal skintone. I saw that Boots had a 2 for 3 offer on Seventeen so I decided to try a few new products - their matte radiance CC Cream was one of them! 

It comes in only two shades, fair and medium - which isn't great for many skintones but thankfully medium was the perfect shade for my fake tanned skin. It's a really lovely natural tan colour and I adore the way it makes my face look. It has a very light consistency and does remind me a little bit of a tinted moisturiser but for once I actually liked it. The coverage is amazing for how light this CC cream is and it's so easy to blend. It does have a matte finish although I was surprised when I first applied this as it is quite watery and almost shimmery. Though that shimmer does disappear once blended, it was very odd to see. 

My only real gripe with this product is that it sticks to dry patches on my face. Patches I didn't even realise that were there beforehand. It's really annoying and because of it I've been moisturising like crazy and wearing loads of primer to stop it from going patchy which seems to be working. I don't know whether it's because it's a darker shade than I could normally go for but honestly, it doesn't look good. If I don't prime and prep beforehand I look like a lepur. 

Overall, I do really love this CC Cream. It's SO much better for my skin and is allowing my skin to breathe for once. The coverage is fantastic but please note that it is worth piling on the primer before you pop it onto your skin! 

Also, don't forget I am currently running a MAC lipstick giveaway - you could win a lippie of your choice! There's only 19 days left so it's definitely worth getting involved in it ASAP. Click here!

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Forever21 Bargains


I popped to Forever21 to get some holiday basics. I just needed a few shorts and a skirt or two to get me by. Annoyingly I don't have a lot of money to spend on new holiday stuff but I managed to get a few bits and bobs! I really wanted light materials because I know how hot Lanzarote can get so I managed to stay away from anything denim (for once!) 

What else do you think I should get for my holidays? Do you like Forever 21?

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Lanzarote Holiday Wishlist

1. Sky Frill Bikini in Black and White Sun Moon And Star - Motel Rocks - £39 (20% off with discount code MINICHIMP2001)
2. Black Chunky Caged Sandals - New Look - £24.99
3. Soft Floral Cami - Forever21 - £4.75
4. Gold Blue Neon Beaded Double Hoop Drop Earrings - New Look - £5.99
5. Mineral Wash Denim Shorts - Forever21 - £13.50
6. Imogen Floppy Flannel Hat - Boohoo - £12
7. Motel Vintage Denim Tote Bag 011 - Motel Rocks - £35 (20% off with discount code MINICHIMP2001)

I'M GOING TO LANZAROTE! If you have me on Twitter you will know that the possibility of booking a holiday this year has been well...changey. There were moments when I couldn't get work off and then Kieron couldn't get it off and then Uni was getting in the way and oh it was such a fuss, but finally finally we have managed to get a week off work/uni each and we've booked a gorgeous hotel in Lanzarote! It's only a month and a few days away so I have already been out shopping and online browsing to see what I can buy for my holidays! Oh I am so very excited.

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Topshop Lipstick Review - Straight Ace & Ditsy


If you didn't already know, I am a complete and utter lipstick hoarder. I am not happy unless I have a new lipstick at least once a month (the key phrase here is at least). You may also know that Topshop is one of my absolute favourite brands for makeup. I really, really love it and I find that everything I have ever bought or received from them has been of fantastic quality. 

So here is another rave review on how much I love their lipsticks. Today's main focuses are Straight Ace and Ditsy, two very different but equally gorgeous lippies. 

First up is the beautiful Straight Ace. Straight Ace is described plainly as "purple" online, which I think is misleading. This definitely is purple, but it's quite a bold blue toned purple, one that really stands out. Online the lipstick actually looks a little bit more like a fuchsia pink colour but I can assure you that this is a very gorgeous, very bright purple and is not for the faint hearted. As with all Topshop lipsticks the formula is wonderfully creamy, it glides onto the lips fantasticly and doesn't make dryness stand out. It's also really moisturising and long lasting which is such a plus in a lipstick. To put it simply, this lipstick is gorgeous and would be perfect to wear on a night out when you're feeling a little bit bold and crazy. 

The second lipstick I bought was Ditsy. Ditsy is a lovely dark orangey, coraly, red shade that I think would compliment most if not all skin-tones. It's a gorgeous colour that reminds me of the Summer months! I love to wear coral shades in the Summer, don't you? It has a pink undertone which makes it really versatile and easy to wear, it's not too bold or in your face. Like with Straight Ace the formula is super creamy and moisturising. I have said before that for me, this lipsticks are comparable with Mac lipsticks - that's how good I think they are. I can't help but write a rave review on every single Topshop lipstick that I buy! It lasts a long time on the lips as well with hardly any budge unless of course you've been eating and drinking all day. 

If you like lipsticks I hope you check out my MAC Lipstick giveaway! Click here! Less than a month to left to get your entries in! 
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GIVEAWAY - Win A Mac Lipstick Of Your Choice!


First things first, this giveaway has been waiting in my drafts for literally months. I was saving it until I got to 500 bloglovin followers, which I hit the other day and now...well it's gone down again. Typical, typical, typical. But since I'm in a happy mood and the sun is shining outside and the birds are singing I thought I'd put the giveaway up and we can all be happy and have a good time together. Yep.

So this is my "nearly 500 bloglovin followers" giveaway. As you may or may not know, I jumped onto the bloglovin train quite late which is why I'm only just hitting 500. I say this, that's probably not the reason, it's probably because I am a rubbish blogger but hey-hum we live and we learn.

I did a Mac lippie giveaway last year and it was extremely well received so I thought I'd do it again because we all love Mac and we all love lippie and doing giveaways makes me happy. Sharing is caring, and all that.

So I feel like you know what to do by now, but if you don't then here are the rules:

  • Must be following me on GFC
  • Must be following me on Bloglovin
  • Must use Rafflecopter to show that you're following
I think it's only fair that you're following to win this prize since it is a follower giveaway. This giveaway is also UK only.

The prize is a Mac lipstick of your choice - once the giveaway is over, Rafflecopter will pick a winner (so it's fair!) and I will give you a cheeky email or tweet telling you that you have won and then you can choose whatever lipstick your heart desires! 

Good luck sweethearts x
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I Can't Wait For...NYX Macaron Lippies

*Photograph of swatches from NYX website*

I just wanted to write a quick post about how excited I am for the NYX Macaron Lippies to come to the UK. I absolutely love NYX, they are one of my favourite bargain brands and the thought of having some crazy coloured lipsticks in their amazing formula really makes me so happy! 

I have so many lipsticks and I've always wanted to try lipsticks from Lime Crime (despite their dodgy background) but I could never justify spending that amount of money on a lipstick I could probably only wear once or twice, around my house when I'm feeling adventurous. But these babies are only $6 in the US so it's likely they will be around £6 when they finally bring them out in the UK which is incredibly cheap for lipstick. 

The great thing about these lipsticks is that NYX Macaron Lippies promise to give a creamy coverage with a satin matte finish and long wear. There are 12 shades in the collection which range from lighter pastels to bold neons. These shades are all absolutely beautiful and I definitely want the whole collection. I like to think that I'll wear most of them when I'm feeling crazy on a night out - to be fair, I think my friends would expect it of me since I'm always wearing ridiculously bright lipsticks. I love the shades Violet and Pistachio - mint green lipstick - YES PLEASE. 

I've been digging around but I still can't find a release date for these beauts in the UK but they came out in April in the US so hopefully *fingers crossed* it won't be long until they release them here. I'll try to keep you updated though. You could try to get them on ebay though, there are a few knocking around!

Do you like these? Do you think you could pull it off? 
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The Prettiest Little Summer Wishlist


1. Ibu High Waisted Short In Butterfly Daze from Motel (use code minichimp2001 for 20% off) 
2. Mint Green Ruffle Top from New Look
3. Lipstick In Macroon from Topshop
4. Shop Dixi Fortune Teller Opalite Necklace from Motel (use code minichimp2001 for 20% off) 
6. Gold Tone Twisted Hoops from River Island

Even though I haven't got a lot of money right now (as usual, I mean as a student I'm hardly flashing the cash around and if I am it's usually on wine or shots) I do like to have a good look around online at things that I probably can't afford but want anyway. Everything I've found for this wishlist is adorable and I think it would make the cutest outfit for Summer! 
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Life Through My Phone #1

The first photo is of a gorgeous choker necklace that I bought from Heaven Is Whereever on Instagram. I'm in love with the choker and I've worn it almost every single day since it arrived. It's really become a staple part of my wardrobe! I also bought the polka dot boots from boohoo because I thought they were gorgeous and well I can't say no to polka dots! The Ben & Jerry's Greek Style Frozen Yoghurt was absolutely delicious and I spent the other night scoffing my face with it whilst doing my work. The final photograph is of my Final Cut Pro screen once my University work had been completed. I'd spent hour after hour slaving over my project and was so glad to see the back of it! I've had a tough few weeks trying to get finished all of my University work, I'm sure most of you are aware about how ridiculously stressful it is when deadlines are approaching! Thankfully that's all over with now and I don't have to think about editing until September. 
Look at how absolutely gorgeous my best friends are. It's one of my favourite photos from last month, we are such cuties. The second photo was taken the day I went to Lancaster to visit my gorgeous blogger bestie Laura from Lisforladybird - you probably know her because her blog is fantastic and she is fantastic. I had the best few days ever last week, I don't think I've laughed and smiled so much in such a long time. The last two photos are of what Laura did to me (not against my will, more I made her do it) whilst I was at her house. Purple hair! It's only a 20 wash dye but I absolutely love the colour and would definitely consider keeping it like this. You should see Laura's hair as well, she looks like a complete mermaid.
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