Introducing Tortoise #2 - Domino!

So something that I didn't really expect to happen, happened yesterday! I became mother to another tortoise! A baby this time! As you probably already know, I've had Sid for just under 6 months now and if you follow me on Instagram he is actually the love of my life (sorry Kieron), so yesterday when the opportunity arose for getting another I jumped at the chance.

I was contacted by a girl in a town close to mine about her baby tort that she was selling for super cheap because he wasn't eating. She only wanted what was best for the tortoise so she sold him me for £20 with ALL his accessories. She told me he was 2 years old so I was expecting him to be just a tiny bit smaller than Sid...but no. I got there and she passed me this teeny tiny little thing, I honestly didn't think he was real at first. Small enough to sit on my palm and I have freakishly small hands! And from then on I became mother to... Domino! 

I'm so happy with him and he's even eaten which is fantastic because I was super worried about his health. He's absolutely gorgeous and so full of life! He's going to be a lot harder to look after because he's so tiny and because he isn't eating as much as I would like him to - but then again if I was that small I probably wouldn't eat much either! I have to give him little injections into his mouth so he can get all his vitamins and it's such hard work but it's going to be so rewarding! 

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  1. Domino is amazing! I'd love a pet tortoise, you're very lucky :) I'm glad he's eating and well x

  2. Aww Domino is absolutely adorable! x

  3. Naawwww hes a diddy little thing, how cute!
    Megan xx

  4. He's such a cute little thing! I desperately want a tortoise, but it's still a few months until I can get one! x

  5. How adorable!! Domino is such a cute name!

    Rachael x


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