Stressed Out [End Of University] Post


A bit of a depressive life update post for you...I bet you're so excited to read this (not). I'm not even excited to write it. I feel like when I write life updates they are always super happy and I'm usually proud of the things that have happened - enough to brag about it all over the internet anyways.

So here goes - firstly it's almost the end of my Uni year, in fact in one months time 3 years of Uni will be over. Finally! It feels like it's lasted forever! This would be a super exciting thing if I knew what I wanted to do with my life afterwards. It's a scary thought, and it's a scarier thought knowing that the job I do want (and one that I've been trying to work hard in securing) might not even happen. There's a lot of insecurity surrounding everything at the moment and it scares me.

Secondly, may have seen on Twitter that I have been made redundant from the job I've had for the last two years. Being made redundant feels awful, it's like that scene in Titanic when Rose promises she'll never let go but then she does and Jack freezes to death and sinks to the bottom of the ocean. You put all your faith into something to give you some sort of security and then that thing goes and completely screws you over. Imagine caring about something so much, and working so hard to be told you're no longer needed. It is truly, truly heartbreaking. I feel like I made the mistake of relying too much on this job. That it'd be there for me when I finished Uni as a back up plan. For the last two years I have put my heart and soul into being a book-seller, and I was so proud to call myself Blackburn's Horror Book-Seller. It was such a great title and I feel in the last few years that I'd earned that title. I'm not the only one who was made redundant - in fact, they chucked all three of us, "it's not your fault" we were told "we are just running the shop differently now". Yeah, cheers. Thanks for nothing. I now have absolutely no money and no job. Great.

I have my exhibition coming up in the next few weeks as well, and practically everything has gone wrong - last week there was some confusion and my exhibition space was going to be changed into the bar. Excuse me, but as much as I love wine (and oh lord, I do love wine), I do not love it as much as I love all the work I've done this past year. I've never focused myself on something so much and now it's nearly over and it feels like everything is going wrong with it. I've now been told that there are no projectors available for me to use either which probably means that all the videos that I have slaved over will now be shown on a teeny tiny computer screen. 

I am so stressed out at the moment and I feel extremely lost. I know a lot of people feel lost when they finish University but oh lordy lord...I feel like I am going to have a melt down.

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Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti Goodies

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Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti Precious Dry Oil & Lagoon Hair and Body Wash*

The last week or so has been extremely stressful. Life has taken a bit of a toll on me and pretty much everything that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong (more on that in another post). I've needed a pick me up this week and that wonderful pick me up has come in the form of Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti goodies! When these two products arrived at my doorstep I was ridiculously excited! It was time for some much needed Jane pamper time. 

Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti Precious Dry Oil - First up we have the "precious dry oil". This is probably my favourite of the two and it's mostly because of the gorgeous colour and glitter that this product boasts. It's also one of those products that seems to be perfect for everything. Packed with fine, shimmery pigments, this formula delicately illuminates skin, hair and enhances your tan. This is the original do-it-all product that moisturises and softens anything it comes in contact with. You can use it on your skin as bath oil, after bath as moisturiser, it will even prolong a tan or you can use it as a pre-shampoo treatment. I have also used it this week on damp hair after a much needed bath to add a gorgeous shine. I am obsessed with the smell of this product so I've used it pretty much every single day since it arrived at my house! 

Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti Lagoon Hair & Body Wash - "Dive into the turquoise water of Polynesian lagoons and surrender to the exotic fragrance of this gentle shampoo, enriched with Monoi de Tahiti. It's fine and delicate lather leaves your skin soft and your hair shiny. Close your eyes, breathe in, you're a Polynesian beauty"  What can I say about this product that hasn't already been said? It's absolutely fantastic and something I would definitely re-purchase as it's just so versatile. As a shampoo, it does really well and lathers wonderfully. My hair felt strong and shiny afterwards (which is a rare occasion because my hair is a mess at the moment!) and it works great as a body wash as well. It has a similar fragrance to the dry oil except it doesn't seem to be as strong which is great because nobody wants overly perfumed hair on a regular basis! I adore the colour of this product too - it's such a lovely blue colour that reminds me of the sea - it's so summery in every single way. I found that I didn't need to use a conditioner after using this on my hair as well which was a massive bonus. I cannot fault this hair and body wash at all!

Yves Rocher is consistently a brilliant brand and one I that I am proud to stand behind. You can find my other Yves Rocher reviews here, here and here.

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Instagram! Leave Your Links x


I'd love you all loads (more) if you'd follow me on Instagram - I've been using it like mad and I'm doing a lot of lifestyle blogging over there! It'd be super great if you would also leave your Instagram links in the comment box so that I, and other people can follow you! Come say hi - I won't bite...maybe.

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Thierry Mugler - Alien Perfume - Review


I am not usually a perfume wearer. I must admit, that I'm more of a quickly spray some cheap deodorant on and run kind of girl. That was until I recently was introduced to the gorgeous Thierry Mugler's Alien perfume. Described as “imaginary and esoteric”, “a shaman, representing serenity and spirituality”, this ”woody amber/solar floral” with notes of “white transparent amber, a woody note with Cashmeran, and jasmine sambac”, took over three years to be perfected and finalised. 

Alien is a big, strong floral scent that lasts for hours once sprayed, it has honestly become my favourite smell in the whole entire world and I have to wear it every single day.  A couple of sprays is all you need and hours later the smell is just as strong. There is always someone who comments on how nice my perfume smells and I proudly tell them that it's Alien.  

Being the Sci-fi geek that I am, the box and bottle design to me are simply perfect. Purple and silver jut screams 'out of this world' to me and I truly believe that it captures the feel of the perfume perfectly. I love the idea of an Alien themed perfume, it's just! I cannot tell you how much I love the bottle, I mean...just look at it. Even if I didn't absolutely adore the smell, I'd still purchase it just to have the bottle sat on my dressing table. 

As you can probably already tell, I really love this perfume, It is my favourite thing ever and what makes it even better is that my wonderful boyfriend Kieron bought this for me for our 4 year anniversary - how cute is that?! One day I said to him "oh I love the smell of Alien, it's so pretty" and then two months later I received it as a present! What a good boy. 

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Do you prefer "fashion victim" or "ensembley challenged"?


I'm just a guy that never tried, I'm just a stupid fuck with brilliant luck and sometimes a bright idea...

I had a bit of a boredom moment yesterday and spent the afternoon dying my hair pink and purple. I think it's come out quite nicely, although some part of my hair are darker than others. I sort of wish I'd dyed my roots as well, but the ombre effect is quite nice, I guess.

Crop Top - H&M
Polka Dot Skirt - Forever 21
Tights (Ripped) - Primark
Choker - New Look 

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Ten Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self


  1. You don't need to be one of the pretty, popular girls to have real friends - those girls you used to obsess over at school, they all have children and never speak to each other any more. Popularity and good looks is not everything, and whilst you may not feel like that when you're fourteen years old, just know that you will grow up and one day you will make some of the greatest friends in the world. You'll also one day have thousands of people following you on the internet - who's popular now bitches? 
  2. Stay away from 'bad boys' - you're going to get your tiny, teenage heart broken a good few times before you meet the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. You'll spend many nights crying in bed and a few shouting in bars at the many fellas that let you down. I know that I would never be able to persuade you from really staying away from those who are bad for you, temptation will overshadow your teenage years. You're going to do a lot of things you will later regret and you're going to meet some less than favourable male characters that are going to temporarily ruin your life. So if you can't stay away, just know that your heart won't always hurt and one day you'll be happy with someone who truly loves you.
  3. Appreciate your siblings more - I know they do your head in now, but in a few years your sister and brother will mean everything to you. Yes they are frustrating, yes they steal your socks and yes they always tell your parents when you do something wrong but they love you and one day they will become your best friends.
  4. Have more confidence in yourself - it's hard to be an awkward, gawky teenager, but you won't always be this way. Your confidence won't really start to grow until you finish school, but its in school when you need as much confidence in yourself as you can get. 
  5. Be nice to people, everyone is fighting a losing battle - just remember that you aren't the only one with problems. You'll never truly understand what others are going through, so try to be as kind as possible to people. The nicer you are to people, the nicer they will be to you and that's how you make friends. Don't be so quick to judge. 
  6. Don't feel pressured to go into further education, it's not for everyone - you'll finish school and go to college like pretty much everyone you know, and you will adore college because of the friends you made but that's where it will end. Don't feel pressured to go to Uni if you know in your heart it isn't for you. There is nothing wrong with finishing college and starting your career. Trust me when I say, that you do not want to end up doing 4 years of a University course that you absolutely loathe. 
  7. Stop wearing makeup you bought from the market for £2 - put the bottle of foundation down and step away. You don't need it and it's going to ruin your skin if you carry on wearing 7 layers of bright orange, cheap makeup. Invest in something a bit more expensive, go to an actual shop and learn how to apply it correctly. 
  8. Nobody else has a clue either - we are all just trying to take life one day at a time and nobody really knows what they are doing. Most of us are good at pretending, but really, we are all just winging it. Trying and failing is how the human race learns and adapts, and trust me, you're going to do a lot of trying and failing before you realise that everyone else is doing exactly the same as you. No biggie. 
  9. Love yourself more - you aren't always going to feel ugly and gross. Under the dyed black hair and panda eyeliner you're a pretty girl with a lot to give the world and you need to realise that sooner rather than later. You've got so much going for you and you don't even realise it. You just need to love yourself more, people aren't better than you, we are all the same underneath. 
  10. It's never the end of the world - life is going to throw a lot at you during your teenage years and there are going to be times when you aren't going to be able to cope with it. Whatever happens just know that it won't always be that way. Life carries on and things are constantly changing, that's something you will always have to remind yourself even as an adult. 
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