Garnier Moisture Match


 The lovely folks at Garnier sent me a few samples of their newest product "Moisture Match". These are basically a range of moisturisers for different kinds of skin! 

From the Garnier website:

Garnier brings you new Moisture Match – tailor-made moisturisers for 24hr Hydration. Our new generation of tailor-made moisturising creams offer hydration to suit your skin.
Find your skin’s perfect match – Protect & Glow for normal skin, Start Afresh for normal/dry skin, Goodbye Dry...for dry/very dry skin, Wake Me Up for dull skin and Shine Be Gone for combination/oily skin.

I was sent three different samples : one for dull skin, one for combination to oily skin and one for normal skin! I decided to first try the dull skin moisturiser because without makeup my skin is awful. It's just ... so blah. Horrible, horrible face. 

The moisturiser iteself is like something that I personally have never seen before. I am used to moisturisers being at thick, white substance but when I popped my fingers in I found a transparent, light substance. Needless to say, I was excited and I slapped it all over my face. 

It took SECONDS to absorb into my skin, which I loved! I tend to have to sit and wait for like 5 minutes for normal moisturisers to absorb which is usually really annoying, so I was glad that I didn't have that problem with this. It felt so nice and light on my face. It was lovely, to say the least. And I felt like I did see a slight change in the colour of my skin (I can't decide if this is because I REALLY wanted it to work or whether it was because it actually did but ho-hum)

I still have the other two to try, but I'm guessing they will be pretty similar to the dull skin one. I might try another today (exciting!). I'd definitely recommend you give these a go - mostly just for a change from those thick, white moisturisers!

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  1. thanks for following me hun...followed you back...xoxo

  2. These sound great..Will have to try them once they get to out drugstores :)

  3. oooh was intrigued by these on the adverts, they sound lovely! definitely would want to try out the dull & dry ones xx

  4. I got sent the same sample a month ago, and i loved the one for dull skin, it was amazing as a base before my foundation and really helped my dull complexion! :)


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