Met Ball 2013 - My Opinions

Gah I'm so angry after reading so many blog posts on this. I don't think many fashion bloggers understand Punk at all and that really get's to me. 

The Met Ball is an annual fashion gala which is held in New York. This year's theme was "PUNK CHAOS" which I absolutely loved and thought most the celebs really, really went out of their way to look the part. 

Now when I think of punk I think of The Sex Pistols, massive hair, combat boots, ripped jeans and tartan. But clearly, nobody else thinks this and it really annoys me. Punk is not about cute little spikes stuck onto normal clothing, it's not about looking nice. It's about testing the boundaries, rebelling and looking however the hell you want. Which is basically why after reading so many blogs I've decided to write this post. Sick of fashion bloggers saying "oh this was too much, it was horrible" blah blah blah. The whole theme, is not a pretty theme. It was never meant to be a pretty theme. If you go back to the 70's and 80's and look at punk icons back then, they weren't pretty. You're thinking of punk all wrong. 

So what if you thought they looked horrendous? That's the point of punk fashion. 
Yes some celebrities took it further than others, but that's a good thing. Embrace the fashion, that's the point, and a lot of the celebs that other people have said look awful I think look fantastic, and when you put them against punk icons from the past they look like they belong. 

Anne Hathaway look absolutely fantastic in this dress by Valentino Garavani. It takes punk to a sophisticated level without extracting from the theme too much. It's slightly see-through, a dangerous choice, but a good choice and I think she looks stunning. 

This is the one that most people have been crying over with hatred. For Godsake just look at her. Miley oozes punk, there's absolutely nothing wrong with her hair or what she's wearing because it fits into the theme. Go on google images and look at punk girls. Look at the short spikey hair and the fishnet items of clothing. There's nothing wrong with this. Sure, you wouldn't wear it on a normal night out, but the point I'm making is that it fits in the theme. You might think she looks awful, but let's face it. It's the look she's going for and it works. 

Madonna, the absolute babe, went all out. She looks like she's jumped right out of a Cindy Lauper music video and I love it. Fishnets, spikes, crosses, jet black hair. Fantastic. It's a perfect outfit for this kind of event and the fact that people don't see that really annoys me. 

I don't feel like the pretty dresses where as suitable for this event. If you're going to make it a theme like this, you have to go all out or there's no point. Afterall, what is fashion if you can't experiment. I realise these are all your opinions and you probably don't agree with mine, but I think understanding punk and punk culture would help.

I dunno, it's just got me really angry. I think it's because I love the culture and the fact that people are out there slagging it off, really gets to me.

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  1. Madonna needs to vacate earth!

    1. That is an awful thing to say about a human being :/

  2. I love this post! So good to see someone realising what the Met Ball is all about.

    I do think that some people looked ridiculous and out of place though, Mary-Kate Olsen got it all wrong, but I completely agree with the comment on Katie Holmes' dress.

  3. Love this post! Sure we all write posts that can be deemed as negative, but like you said about Anne Hathaway's dress "It's slightly see-through, a dangerous choice, but a good choice" it's dangerously good. I love how you've managed to keep your cool throughout this post I'd be turning tables haha!

    Beth, x

  4. I completely agree with your post! :)

  5. Ah, I loved this post!
    I didn't really understand the outfits at first but thanks to you I think they all looked amazing! They really went all out! Thanks for explaining! Great post xx

    Caitlin xx

  6. Oh man I love this post so much! Anne & Miley both look absolutely stunning! I wish some had rebelled even more like you said, more 'sex pistols' :)

    Elle xo

  7. Thank you! Finally someone out there is agreeing with me about Miley, she NAILED the punk look! I've read so many horrible things online about her and how she dressed for the MET but I honestly don't think people realise there was a punk theme!
    I actually think most celebrities really gave their all to the theme and looked amazing on the night (with a few exceptions)
    This was such a great post!


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