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What a crazy month it's been! Tomorrow it will be the 1st of October, my birthday month and the month of the dead (Halloween), and whilst I cannot wait for October to come around I must say that I have really enjoyed September. It may actually be one of my favourite months so far! 

I've had so much fun this month, literally every weekend has been full of drinking with friends. I've also been to the Trafford Centre this month and managed to finally visit Victoria's Secret (whilst...yes you guessed it...drunk) and they convinced me to buy a £40 plain white bra, and even though it cost me an arm and a leg for said bra I absolutely love it, my chest feels happy and fully supported! I also had my eyebrows dyed by my friend Emily (once again whilst drunk! Someone get me to AA) and my name was written on a wall in a bar which I am now boycotting because they charged me £3 to get in and the toilets were all blocked and had no locks on!! I've eaten some gorgeous food, but I have been a lot healthier this month. I've drunk my weight in smoothies every day and have become obsessed with flavoured water. I got to try out a delicious Cookie Monster cake from the Darwen Deli which was so, so yummy but so, so bad for me. And lastly, but of course not least, I hit 900 followers on my blog and am on the way to 1000!! 

It's been a splendid month, I hope yours was just as good! 
See you in October you beauts x
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Favourite Trend EVER: Cut Out Boots


My absolute favourite shoe trend ever definitely has to be the Cut Out Boot trend! As you know, I've been wearing my Jeffrey Campbell Clarkson Boots probably every single day since I bought them, but I still want more! I've been looking around the internet at a few good buys - things that I want and dupes of them - and thought I'd share with you what I've seen! I've managed to find a hell of a lot of Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane dupes around the internet, most of which are less than £30 and most of which are an almost perfect match! I would die to have any of these boots, they are all absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure you agree!

What do you think about the cut out boot trend? Do you have a pair?!

1. Ebay Coltrane Dupe / 2.  Ebay Heeled Cut Out Boots / 3. Ebay Cut Out Chelsea Boot / 4. New Look Coltrane Dupe / 5. ASOS Cut Out Ankle Boot / 6. MotelRocks Jeffrey Campbell Clarkson Boot / 7. Zalando Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane / 8. The Office Jeffrey Campbell Platrane
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Birthday Wishlist


Mac Morange From Mac Cosmetics
Hot Pink Doc Marten Shoes From Motelrocks
Disney Couture Ring From Disney
Beast soft toy From Disney

So it's ONE WEEK til I'm 22! Can you believe it? So old. I cannot cope with how old I actually am! Thankfully I look about 14 so I'll be forever young. In the spirit of me being born, I thought I'd make a lovely little wishlist of all the things I'd like for my birthday! Hopefully my family will see this and shower me with fabulous gifts (unlikely!) 

For my birthday I am going to see Wicked in Manchester on Wednesday, then on my actual birthday (Friday 4th October) I am going for a Chinese with my family and Kieron, AND THEN on the Saturday I am going for an all day drinking fest in Manchester with my friends! Actually cannot wait for next week to come around. I'm also going to get everyone to sing/play 22 by Taylor Swift in every bar I stop in on Saturday. So if you are out in 
Manchester on Saturday and hear 22 playing...I'll be knocking about somewhere! Ha! 
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Rimmel's Stay Matte Foundation


I picked up Rimmel's Stay Matte Foundation whilst on offer at Morrisons  At the time these babies were on an introductory offer of under £5, so for that cheap price I chose to pick up two (one for my pale days and one for when I'm fake tanned) though I am unsure if they are still on this offer. 

This is a liquid mousse foundation that Rimmel says is a feather light formula which blends flawlessly for a natural looking, all day shine controlled base. I absolutely love matte foundations - anything that makes me look shiny or dewy makes me look ridiculous, so this for me is absolutely perfect. You don't have to use a lot of product either to get a brilliantly even but full coverage. It isn't a thick foundation although it does look like it will be at first and no powder is necessary to set it, you can literally just put it on and go. It's so easy to blend into the skin and for me this really is the perfect foundation for those who want a more natural looking base.

This product comes in 6 shades to choose from, so finding one to fit your skin tone shouldn't be too hard - porcelain  ivory, true ivory, soft beige, classic beige and natural beige.

Overall I give this foundation a MASSIVE thumbs up. I may even go as far as saying this is my new favourite foundation. A definite winner! 

These are retailing in Boots, Superdrug and other drug-stores for around £7.99
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Real Techniques Ebay Dupes!


If like me you aren't rolling in money, you'll always be looking for a cheaper alternative to those on the current beauty market. We all absolutely love the Real Techniques brushes but we all know that buying one brush from that range can sometimes be a bit too costly. 

A while ago I heard about the Real Techniques dupe brushes on Ebay. At first I was a bit wary but after a while and taking into account that I was in desperate need for some new brushes I decided to take the plunge and see what all the dupey fuss was about!

I ordered these brushes from here for £1.87 each! They were dispatched from Hong Kong and arrived two weeks later which is brilliant since...well...Hong Kong. I was super excited to find that all of these brushes were brilliant quality - infact I couldn't quite believe it! The bristles are soft (and are still soft after washing twice) and the brushes are clearly well made. So far I've had no problems with bristles falling out which is a massive plus because when things are cheaply made they tend to be lacking in quality. They also look so much like the Real Techniques brushes it's unreal!

Overall I think these are a great buy and I will be buying the other two brushes in the collection. 
What do you think of dupes? Yay or nay?

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Announcing The Winner Of My MAC Lipstick Giveaway...


Drumroll please!! ...

The winner is : Sophia Bell - congrats!!!! I've sent you an email so you can choose your Mac lipstick! YEY! 

I will be doing another giveaway as soon as I hit 1000 followers which will be a BIG giveaway! Be excited! 
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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE!

Another (bad) outfit post! Still sucking at outfits of the day (as explained here) but oh well! This is what I wore on Saturday night for Kieron's birthday! As you can probably see, I haven't taken my Jeffrey Campbell's off since I bought them, they literally go with EVERYTHING! They are beautiful and perfect and the best shoes I have ever owned. I am pulling two ridiculous faces in these photos - who the hell do I think I am?! 

My skirt is from Motel (I checked online to see if they still sell it but unfortunately I cannot see it so here is a similar one but a skater skirt instead of bodycon), it reminds me of Beetlejuice so much. I absolutely love it - gothing it up a little bit. My vest top is just a plain £2.50 vest top from Primark, you know the ones I mean! I bet you've got at least 3 in your wardrobe/drawers right now! The bag is also from Primark and I think it was around £4 when I bought it a few months back. 

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So by tomorrow night I will have announced a winner! I have had a completely insane reaction to this giveaway so will definitely be doing another when I reach 1000 followers! To enter this lipstick giveaway please click here and follow all of the instructions on the Rafflecopter! 

This is a giveaway to win one MAC lipstick of your choice! What will you choose?
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Fashion Union Wishlist


1. Black Scallop Hem Strappy Ponte Bodycon Dress

For those apart of the Etail blogger network you may have received an email yesterday about their newest competition with Fashion Union! Basically you have to make a wishlist of items you want from their website in order to give you a chance at winning £500 to spend at Fashion Union - you can read all of the rules and regulations for this competition here.

I don't usually get involved in many competitions but I thought that this was a really good one and plus I love Fashion Union's clothes!! Whilst searching for items for my wishlist I found myself completely drooling over the Scallop Hem dress and the Leopard Print Hidden Platforms. Absolutely gorgeous, and just what I'm looking for for my upcoming 22nd birthday! Beautiful! 

So I urge you all to take part in this! Go on, get on with it!

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Southbeach Swim Prizes!


So as you may or may not already know, a few months back whilst at the FABB event in Manchester I won the "Count The Sweets In The Jar" competition for Southbeach Swim. Apparently I got it exactly right. I still do not understand how, but I thank myself for spending the last 21 years of my life scoffing my face with sweets because it's obviously made me great at counting and guessing!

I got to choose one piece of swimwear, one piece of beachwear and one piece of nightwear as my prize so I decided on the Charley Ruched Bikini in Coral (Bandeau Top here/Briefs here), the Ava Tie Dye Angel Sleeve Cover-Up (here) and the Emily Luxury Fleece Hooded Logo Robe (here). I also got sent one of their canvas bags! 

All of my prizes are GORGEOUS, and I wish it was still super summery so I can wear my bikini and cover up. Fortunately it's freezing in my house so I have been wearing the robe every second of every day since I received it! It's so fluffy and warm and cosy! 

I really recommend you go and check out Southbeach Swim - they have some lovely stuff which are definitely worth looking at/buying especially since their products are all at reasonable prizes and are super cute! 

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Poppy Bird

I wish I was more capable of doing outfits of the day but we all know I'm not. I have a DSLR, a tripod, and I'm a Moving Image student therefore spend a whole lot of time behind a camera, but trying to take a photo of myself whilst in front of the camera is an absolute impossibility for me. Honestly if you guys have any tips or tricks then PLEASE help me. I am begging you. The worst part is that I had to take this in my Mum & Dad's room due to the fact that England is as grey as sin today. My whole house feels so dark, even with the lights on. It's depressing. And my room which is normally bright and white and lovely, feels dark and gloomy. Awful. This is such an embarrassing OOTD, don't judge me for taking photos of myself in the mirror (ha) AND my face looks unusually long when in real life my face is ridiculous round and small. Go figure.

Anyways as you know I got my Jeffrey Campbells today, I also bought loads of stuff from Motelrocks so I'm basically rocking a full outfit from them today. No extensions either, so my hair is an absolute lion-mane mess.

Everything you see here can be found at Motelrocks - crop top / jeans / boots
Remember you can get 20% off your order by using the code minichimp2001

And another thing, there is literally a few days left on my MAC lipstick giveaway so please check it out here and get involved! This time next week you could be the owner of a band new MAC lipstick of your choice!

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Jeffrey Campbell Clarkson Boot


OH MAH GAWWWD! I'm so excited! I'm strutting around my house in my brand new Jeffrey Campbell Clarkson Boots thinking I'm on a catwalk or something! I bought these at MotelRocks for £160 (you can get 20% off by using the code MINICHIMP2001) and they are just perfect. Originally I was after the Coltranes but decided that these were a little different so BAM into my shopping cart they went. They are gorgeous and so, so comfy! 

Anyways I just wanted to show these off! I don't really have anything else to say apart from LOOK AT MY FABULOUS SHOES!

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Nokia Lumia 925 Review


Before I start this review, I just want to say that I am in no way a technology expert. The only experience I have with phones and technology is through the various electrical things that I own therefore this review is based purely on personal opinion and personal experience. This is also obviously going to be a lot different from my usual posts as I'm not going to be blabbering on about beauty and fashion.

Now that that's out of the way let's get this ball rolling. A few weeks back I was contacted by the team at Nokia Connects and asked if I would be interested in testing out one of their new Nokia Lumia 925 mobile phones. Now I've seen the advert for the Nokia Lumia 925 (it's the one where they are taking photos in the dark and the photos are coming up better than other phones) so I knew what they were talking about and I sort of understood why they wanted me to test it. Being interested in photography (although not very good at it), doing a University course in Moving Image and having this blog, I felt like I could get great use out of this phone and it's many special features.

The Nokia Lumia 925 is a Windows phone which uses Windows 8 as it's platform. It is basically the slightly better brother of the Nokia Lumia 920, being slimmer, sleeker and faster. At first glance though it reminded me of a Samsung Galaxy phone although more square in shape, with it's crystal clear screen and size - I own the Samsung Galaxy 3 so it was an obvious comparison. It's a beautiful looking phone one that I would be proud to call my own. 

My only sort-of problem with it was the use of Windows 8, I am not a Windows 8 girl in general. I refuse to own a laptop with it on because although they keep telling me that it's easier to use I just can't use it. On a laptop it confuses me, there's no way of turning it off without using the keyboard and frankly, the square boxes all over the place are bloody awful looking. That being said, on a phone the Windows 8 platform doesn't bother me as much, and although at first I was confused I eventually managed to navigate myself around it. Windows 8 is definitely better on a phone, it looks like it was made for a phone and it works insanely quickly. The standard functions of the phone are great and work well, it rings, it texts, it sends emails and does everything that a smart phone should and more. You can download apps and basically use this phone to do whatever you want.

My favourite part about the Nokia Lumia 925 is obviously going to be the camera. I am a self confessed Instagram freak, and I'm constantly taking photos, snapchatting and making videos on my Samsung so getting to do all of these things on a different type of phone was really exciting for me! I found the camera to be exceptional. The Nokia Lumia 925 comes equipped with a 8.7 mega pixel camera, it is a Pure View Carl Zeiss Tessar lens which has a fixed F2.0 aperture. It has a great autofocus feature and the photograph produced is always crystal clear each time. Not only this but the camera is absolutely fantastic at night time which is one of the main selling points for the Nokia Lumia 925 and because of this it really does make the phone stand out from the rest. The camera really shows the true colours of the photo, sometimes I find especailly with my Samsung that the photos I take can be a bit overly yellow or blue and it really annoys me, but with the Nokia Lumia 925 I didn't find that at all and I was really happy with the colouring of my photographs. Another fabulous feature is that you can edit your photos on the phone. It has absolutely loads of features and "lenses" to use to edit and transform your photographs and they where all really useful. The smart-cam app is also brilliant and you can make loads of different types of photographs using it, images that you wouldn't be able to make with any other type of smart phone. 

Example of photograph from Nokia Lumia 925

As you can see in this cute little photo of my Max, the quality from the camera is so good. This was taken without flash, in natural lighting and I really think that it shows all the colours correctly and the image perfectly. It's so clear and you can really see all of the details brilliantly. For a mobile phone this camera is top-notch!

Overall I'm really happy with this phone and would definitely consider purchasing it when my contract runs out. It's a great phone for apps and photography, that works ridiculously quick and looks really nice. I've read other reviews that have stated that this is the best smart phone around at the moment and I have to say that I do agree. I really feel quite sad that I'm going to have the send this phone back in a few days!


Main camera sensor: 8.7 MP PureView
Display size: 4.5''
Processor name: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4
Maximum standby time (3G): 440h
Video playback time: 6.6h
Maximum music playback time: 55h
Touch screen technology: Super sensitive touch

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(Advertiser) Introducing Lucie Rose!

A fashion & style blog along with beauty and make up, vintage carboot finds, current trends, as well as the ramblings and adventures of a girl called Lucie-Rose living in La France. Click here.

This month I got the privilege of chatting with Lucie from LucieRose and having a look around her wonderful new blog! Lucie's been blogging since April, and her blog is full of great, interesting posts which include a hauls, OOTDs, reviews and lifestyle updates. She has a really interesting life, one that I'm jealous of because she lives in rural France, and her photographs are always so pretty!

As you can see by the side bar to the right, Lucie is an advertiser this month so be sure to check out her blog and leave her some lovely comments :) 

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Look Of The Day!


My stupid DSLR is being a loser and the battery won't charge (god knows why, technology hates me) and I've been trying to get OOTD's on my phone but they look pathetic. I was gunna give up but then I thought WEBCAM, so today you're getting a "Look Of The Day" and not an OOTD basically because you can't see my full outfit *hahahahaha*

So I tried to really go for a girly look. I've been watching a lot of the ITV2 show GIRLFRIENDS and I'm absolutely obsessed with Ruby and loads of people have said we look similar so today I braced my inner Ruby and came up with this. My hairstyle which is completely copied off Ruby's reminds me of the 90's. In fact I'm pretty sure I have photos of myself from when I was a child with this exact hairstyle. 

My outfit is a Topshop vest, and light blue shorts from Missguided along with just simple £2 grey pumps from Primark. This is a pretty simplistic sort of style but sometimes I think simple is just...better. I'm not a big fan of patterns. 

Make-up wise is just my typical make-up look:

Max-Factor Colour Adapt Foundation in Creamy Ivory
Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder in Translucent 
Maybelline New York Coverstick in Light

MUA Pressed Powder in #3
Topshop Bronzer

Miss Sporty Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Brown
Vivo Ultimate Brow & Eye Kit shade #1
MUA Undressed Eye Palette shade #1 (for highlight under brow)

Miss Sporty Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Black
Bourjois Paris Volume Clubbing Mascara in Ultra Black
Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner

Apocalips Lip Laquer
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2 Weeks Left Of MAC Lipstick Giveaway

Leave a Comment

Just wanted to remind you all that you have 2 weeks left to get yourself involved in my MAC lipstick give-away! This is a give-away to win a MAC lipstick of your choice! 

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One Year Blogging Birthday!



This is so exciting! It is exactly one year today that I started this blog (formally www.poptartsandsexx.blogspot.co.uk). It was a humble beginning  writing about Doc Martens and books but I feel in this last year my writing and blogging ability has definitely grown as has my - yes I'm going to say it - fanbase. I can't believe I am at over 800 followers on GFC, that's nearly 1000. There's no way that a year ago I ever thought I'd actually be noticed by people, let alone blog every other day for a full year! I've never kept at anything, I can't write diaries because I get so bored, but for once I've found something that I love and want to do for as many years as possible! 

I've had some great experiences this last year: Meeting Laura (lisforladybird.com) and becoming bezzie blogger mates, going to FABB events in Manchester, being contacted by Mercedes Benz and Nokia and making loads of friends on twitter. I've also had the wonderful privilege of reading and keeping up to date with YOUR blogs and YOUR lives and I'm really thankful for that!

I just thought I'd also post my favourite blogs/bloggers below, over the last year I've seen these girls grow and their blogs flourish. They were all some of the first to follow me on GFC so they definitely deserve a mention.

Lisforladybird.com - my lovely Laura! I've met her twice now and we are arranging another shopping trip soon when I get my loan in! She is a wonderful blogger and friend and over this last year we've become quite close. She is really lovely and her blog is fantastic!

Stefypuglisevich.com - the gorgeous Stefy from Malta, I've spoke to her so many times on twitter, she's such a nice girl and I absolutely adore her blog and everything she posts. She's a gorgeous girl with a great fashion sense and I'm forever jealous of her blog layout. 

Spiderleglashes.blogspot.co.uk - Maya has such a good blog, and I'm pretty sure she was one of the first ever people to follow me on here. I lurk her blog religiously now! She has a great style and I'm always really jealous of her OOTD's. 

Beautiful-solutions.co.uk - I love Stacey's blog, it's so cute and she's doing SO well for herself online! She really is one of my favourite bloggers and I love reading her blog.

Don't forget to look at my MAC lipstick giveaway! Click here to get involved!
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Mercedes Benz Social Reporter VOTING


I previously wrote a post regarding Mercedes Benz Blogging Opportunity (here) which gives participants chance to win tickets to an exclusive fashion event and some other other great prizes. Well now the entries are in, finalists have been chosen and it's time to vote (click here to check them out!) Voting goes on until the 9th September so you've got a few more days to get your votes for your favourite blogger/post in!

Tweet it: Don't forget to vote for your favourite summer look at mbsocialreporter.co.uk @MercedesBenzUK #socialreporter #bbloggers

Good luck to all of the finalists, you all really deserve it and I'd hate to be the person who has to choose between you all!

*image courtesy of Mercedes Benz Social Reporter* 

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