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Nobody Wants A Real Job Anymore - Everyone Wants To Be Alexa Chung.

So I'm trying this new thing...where I am drunk blogging. I've had just under a bottle of Sainsbury's finest wine (haha) and now I want to write about my lovely new crop top from Rock On Ruby - the Alexa crop. 

"The idea behind our site was to allow girls to create fun tops and tees suitable for any occasion - and who would know better than us girls?! Choose from our range online, or create your own top. Our aim is to pass on the latest trends, so if we love it, you'll know about it... Keep an eye on our blog for the latest products and party ideas. We wanted to create a website that specialised in quirky,unique tops - this way our customers can get exactly what they are looking for! We also wanted to show real girls in our outfits... so you'll often see us wearing the range ourselves. As young ladies ourselves, we know that girls want the latest fashions that are fun, high quality and of course, individual!"

So I absolutely adore Rock On Ruby. They are the sort of brand that allows you to customise your own t-shirts (hoodies, jumpers, crop tops ect ect) which I love because it allows you to show yourself off and be a bit individual in a world where Primark rules the roost. Not only that but their pre-made designs are fantastic, and have me cracking up every time I click onto their website. 

I now own two items of clothing from Rock On Ruby - the Alexa crop top (show above) and a vest top that I had made that says "shot club" on it, for all those times I find myself at the pub quiz and in the Shot Club team. I have found that each of these items have been of high quality, and I have had absolutely no problems with them whatsoever. They also look so quirky, and I cannot tell you the amount of people that have stopped me to ask my where I got my top from. 

Over and out x
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Jerome Russell Bblonde Silver Toner*


Having silver hair is pretty much the new "in" thing, and well...I love to jump on the bandwagon. Over the last few months I've had variations of grey hair, but never silver so when I was offered the chance to review Jerome Russell's Bblonde Silver Toner, I was SO up for it.

For use on pre-lightened and naturally blonde hair
Non permanent. No ammonia or peroxide.

Refresh and improve the condition of your hair whilst adding a stylish silver shade of colour. Easy to use and protects and conditions whilst colouring hair.

This colour toner adds soft silver tones that last up to 8 washes.

I am a big, big fan of Jerome Russell products, in fact their Bblonde range was what I originally used all those years ago to get my hair from its natural black colour to the blonde I am today. They are a fantastic brand and even if toners aren't your thing, I recommend that you check them out for bleaching and ombre-ing purposes. 

The packaging of this product makes the toner look an almost steel colour, more light grey than silver, but that's the look I've been dying for (whoever decided that granny hair was in, was so on point!) Though with toners it all depends on the shade your hair is when you apply it. My shade was a light honey blonde before I tried this product but I do think it would work 100 times better on bleached white hair or a natural light blonde shade. 

To start off with, this toner is a lot like most other silver/white toners on the market in that it's purple/lilac in colour. The purple colour promises to tone down yellow shades in your hair, and hopefully, if you're the right shade of blonde, turn your hair into a silver unicorn (What?) You get a lot of product in the tiny little bottle - it's actually decieving how much you get. To put it into perspective, my hair reaches past my chest (chebs) and I managed to cover the lot. For extremely thick hair I would recommend getting two though! 

I left this product on for around 20 minutes because I wanted to make sure it was going to work. My hair was probably a little too dark for the toner to work properly, but it did definitely lighten my hair and tone down the nasty yellow tones. There are strands of silver running through and to be honest, it looks super pretty. It's not completely silver, it seems to have a few different tones - silver, white and grey. I actually love it!

I think that this is a brilliant toner, but if I were to use it again then I would definitely make sure my hair is at least one shade lighter for the full effect. Nevertheless, I'm extremely happy with how my hair looks.
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Bourjois - Bronzing Powder & Highlighter

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My obsession with contouring is bordering on insane - it's a hard life having a super round face and absolutely no cheekbones - but whilst I'm still learning how to make my face look amazing, I'm always on the lookout for products that will give me an extra bit of help. 

Bourjois' Bronzing Powder & Highlighter (or Délice de Poudre if you're going off it's real, much fancier name) is one of those products that I've had my eye on for such a long time, but never got around to buying it. But with my Topshop contouring cream going missing somewhere in the depths of my bedroom, I thought I might as well take the plunge. 

Firstly this product is packaged so nicely! I love the idea of duos and wish that drugstore brands would bring more of these out because they are just so handy. The chocolatey coloured packaging really reflects the product inside and it's also small enough to pop in your handbag which is a bonus. Once you open up the packaging you'll find that these two powders smell a bit like chocolate! I've never known a powdery product to smell like anything other than powder so this was pretty impressive. 

As you can see, the powder is split into four chunks. Two for the bronzer and two for the highlighter. The bronzing powder is a gorgeous, shimmery brown that is perfect for shade for light-medium skin-tones. With some bronzers I've found that they can be slightly orange in colour but I didn't get that with this product. It's a warmish colour that is just cool enough to give the perception of a shadow on the cheeks, adding definition without going over board. One thing I noticed was that the shimmer did not transfer onto the cheeks, which is slightly misleading but not that big of a deal - I prefer matte shades anyway.  Personally I think that it gives my face a natural tan appearance if applied lightly though it can be built up for more of a contour. 

I'm still not 100% sure about the highlight shade. It is a very white colour, that barely seems to show up on my skin. I really have to build it up to get even a hint of highlight, and I have a very pale skin tone. It's very subtle unless you spend some serious time on it which can be a bit annoying if you are in a rush. 

Overall I'm really enjoying using this product! I really do love a two-in-one, it just saves so much room in my makeup bag and on top of that it also saves money. What do you think? Have you ever used it?
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Spring/Summer Wishlist


It's sort of summery outside and I'm going on holiday in a few weeks so I thought I'd scower the internet looking for gorgeous items of clothing that I can't even afford. I'm really into darker colours even though it's Summer time (once a goth, always a goth!) and these are the sorts of things you'd see me wearing whilst on holiday. There's nothing like a super pale girl wearing a black crop top and dark shorts eh? I adore the Gandy Flip Flops, I'm not usually into pink - apart from my hair - but the flip flops are just too cute not to add to this list. As is the super girly denim dress from Topshop! 

If you are like me and you LOVE Motel Rocks then you can get a lovely 20% discount off your order at the checkout by using the code MINICHIMP2001 - you can thank me later.
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