Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion For A Sun-Kissed Look!


Garnier Summer Body Lotion is a gradual self tanning moisturiser that can be used on the body and face. It's aim is to gradually build a natural looking yet sun-kissed tan and effectively moisturise your skin for 12 hours. I first saw this on another blog and they'd basically written a fantastic rave review which made me want to go out and buy it!

I have never used any type of self tanning product before. I've always lived by the phrase "pale is beautiful". I am in no way a fan of those orange-tangoed girls who get a spray tan every week and spend a zillion hours on a sun-bed. I hate those people. To me, natural is better. So why did I buy this? Because I'm easily persuaded and also, I have a holiday coming up and I don't want to look like Casper the friendly ghost...again. How hypocritical, I know. But in my defence, this is supposed to give you a natural looking tan...not an orange one.

So here goes with the actual review. Mini rant over.

This stuff is absolutely fantastic! I got it on offer 2-4-1 at Tescos and I believe it's also on a half price offer in Superdrug right now too. I started off with a body like this :

Yep my arms are completely white. Not a drop of colour anywhere on that bad boy! I applied the first application after my bath and before bed. It went on and felt like a moisturiser. Even looks like a moisturiser. It smells absolutely DIVINE because it uses extract of apricot. It doesn't smell like fake tan at all! I fell asleep and woke up the next morning with a very light tan.

Now you need to bare in mind that this is a gradual tanner, so don't expect it to make you brown straight away. After three applications I am a lovely shade of bronze (for the first time in my life) but it's still very light in comparison to what a normal tanner would give you. It looks natural and when comparing my arms and legs with other people I am darker than they are so I imagine after a few more applications I will be extremely tanned! I have also used this on my face with no problems, because it isn't a dark tan you can get away with it and it gives my face a lovely sunkissed glow.

This is after three applications and taken on my phone so you can see the colour better. The flash on my Canon was still making me look super pale! Stupid camera. It's such a good product and it dries so quickly that you barely even feel like you've put it on until the next morning when you wake up and you are a bronzed goddess!

If you're like me, and too pale for your own good, I recommend you grab this now whilst it's on offer! 

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  1. I bought this in Tesco too! I've not tried it yet but your results are amazing! It looks so natural!

    Jamie ♥

  2. I tried this a few years ago and loved it, I may need to repurchase

  3. I usually get the darkest one because the light one doesn't make a difference, I love it to give me a little bit of colour but the best part is the scent of it! x

  4. I'm ghost pale and gave up trying to find a natural looking gradual tanner years ago but I may have to go and purchase it now!

  5. Hi :D First I would like to thank you for following my blog and any review requests of books, bands & beauty (the three B's) please ask away. Second I really like the degree your skin is bronzed from this product, I'm quite pale also and I was wondering if there are any streaks with this and also thanks for saying about applying to your face as I always wonder how it turns out :)

    EdelBelle x

  6. I've been using this for several years now and I love it! Spot on x

  7. I was thinking about getting this when I was in Superdrug but didn't know if it was any good. Think I may have to buy it now! x

  8. Definitely getting this! Looks so natural:) x

  9. That looks really good. I haven't seen it available where I live yet. I have been loving the gradual tanning moisturizer by Hempz latetly, it smells really good.

    Bewitched By Blush


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