Rocky Horror Picture Show Live At Manchester Opera House

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Ever since I was about thirteen years old, Rocky Horror has been my favourite thing in the world. Over the last few years my obsession has become ridiculous and not a night out goes by without me insisting that the Time Warp gets played by the DJ. There's always just been something so comforting about Rocky Horror, especially when I look back at my teenage self - a confused, self conscious little goth girl. It's always been one of those sorts of movies/shows that has been there and made me feel more like I belonged in the world. 

Last night, on the 9th January 2016, I finally got to see Rocky Horror live at the Manchester Opera House. After weeks of planning my outfit and listening to the original Roxy cast (because if you're going to listen to Rocky, you have to listen to the original recording), it was finally time to see the show I've longed to see for such a long time. I'd mentally prepped myself for what I thought the show was going to be like and I was ready to see a few people dressed up, but to be honest I don't think anything could of prepared me for the sea of Frank's, Columbia's and Magenta's we met with as soon as we got out of our friend's car.

It was fantastic, I was in my element from the moment we walked into the Opera House and I literally couldn't stop smiling. There were hundreds and hundreds of people dressed up. A crowd of strangers all brought together by the love of the strange. Men in bras, french knickers and fishnets paraded around like it was no big deal, perfect replicas of costumes from the show all around me. I've never felt so at home. Just before the show started, whilst we were all sitting in our seats, a man that must of been around 40 stripped to his golden leather shorts and the whole audience went absolutely wild. It was rowdy before the show even started, and I couldn't of been happier or more excited.

The show itself was insane. The audience loved every single second of it, shouting out at the cast and getting involved. And the cast were spectacular - their performances were almost dead on, and they did everything in their power to get us all up dancing (not that it took much to be honest). At a normal show you'd have to just sit there, you'd be asked to be quiet if you spoke or started to sing - but here anything went and nobody minded if you were singing too loudly or shouting profanities at the cast. My only gripe was that Frank Furter was american, this was something that I just couldn't get over. He was perfect performance wise and absolutely hilarious, but whyyyyyyy the american accent? I turned to my friend Tina during the show and joked that he was no Tim Curry, to which Tina replied "I know..I expected Tim Curry" - obviously our standards were ridiculously high. He was amazing though...he just wasn't Tim Curry.

I would honestly recommend this show to absolutely anyone. I'm genuinely thinking about trying to get some last minute tickets for another one of the shows asap because I can honestly say it was one of the best nights of my life. I've never laughed so much, had so much fun and felt so like I perfectly belonged in my entire life - surrounded by a bunch of like-minded, absolutely wonderful freaks.

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2015 Roundup - A New Start & Things To Come

I have literally been thinking about writing this for the last two weeks but I've honestly just had no time. Between working every day and Christmas, New Year - well let's just say it's been a hard month and I feel like I've had absolutely no time to myself. Hopefully that's all changed now and my life is going to get back to being somewhat normal! 

2015 was a disappointing year for me, it started off so well. I felt on top of the world this time last year. I was half way through my degree, had an amazing job at Waterstones and was working part-time in a little production team, creating films for the likes of John Lewis and Thwaites. I was so, so proud of what I was accomplishing but half way through the year it all fell to pieces. Firstly, I was made redundant at Waterstones which absolutely and completely broke my heart. Still to this day I can't walk into the store or read a book properly without getting upset, I know that may seem ridiculous but I honestly loved that job more than anything and losing that job also meant that I lost contact with two of the most amazing co-workers ever to exist. Not long after losing my actual job it all went to crap with my little side job. I was promised full-time work, and had that chance ripped from beneath me. I won't go into much detail and I don't really want to hurt anyones feelings, but I will say that nothing hurts more than having someone you so utterly and completely trusted and admired to let - not just me, but others - down in such a terrible way. I ended up feeling so lost, I don't think I've ever cried so much in my life. No money, no job, so many bills to pay. My poor mother and father had to literally pick me up off the ground and I will never be more grateful for the things that they did for me this year. But I have to admit that I'm still mentally recovering from these events and probably will be for a long time. It's been a real hit on my mental health and my own confidence. 

It's not all been doom and gloom though. I finished my degree with a 2:1 which was amazing. I worked so, so hard and it was a great accomplishment. I went on a gorgeous holiday with Kieron to Madeira and we celebrated our four year anniversary! I ended up getting a new job as well which meant that I was no longer in debt. It also has meant that I've been able to save up for a house and another holiday - both of these things will be happening in the next few months. I also became best friends with Katie and we opened a wedding photography and videography business JK Studios together. My aim for this year is to fully get JK Studios off the ground, we just need a bit more money and a bit more time to get things fully started. I've had so many amazing nights out with my friends in 2015 as well, and I truly found out who my real friends were. I have had a lot less arguments when drunk this year, which is an accomplishment for me. In fact, I think I've become a nicer drunk and Hurricane Jane has definitely been out a lot less. 

Onto 2016

So far, 2016 has been an exciting prospect for me. At the moment, even though I'm still feeling low in myself, I'm quite optimistic. I'm starting the year going to see one of my all time, favourite musicals Rocky Horror, live in Manchester with my 5 besties. I feel like I've been waiting to see this show since the day I was born. Nobody loves Rocky Horror more than me! I've got my outfit all sorted - lots of black leather - and I've got less than a week to wait. Oh I can't wait! Next month I've got my Works Christmas Do (in February hahahaa what is that all about?!) and me and Kieron are also going to go to Tenerife on a cheeky little holiday. In March Kieron and I will be celebrating our five year anniversary which is insane and we will start looking for a house to move into together. These next six months are hopefully going to be amazing. 

I'm ready for a big change this year. I think I did a lot of growing up last year and had to deal with a lot, but this year is the year of sorting myself out. I've started eating a lot healthier and that's already making me feel so much better within myself. I've been watching so much Niomi Smart on youtube that all I can think about it granola and berries at the moment! 

I'm also going to start making more and more youtube videos. I have a lot planned, I just need a new camera and a bit more time but it's so exciting. I'm ready to take my blog to the next level, which means I'm going to have to put more effort into being apart of the community. I definitely lost my way with this blog last year but 2016 is going to be the year of Poptarts Beauty.

So fingers crossed it's going to be a great year.

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