Fake Tanning Tips For The Deathly Pale (ie Me)


Now that Summer is almost here I've started to slap on the fake tan. I'm usually an intense shade of pale or ghostly white, so around Summer time I get a little bit...paranoid about the colour of my skin. This is purely because I have anaemia and vitamin D deficiency, a combination of bad genes and bad health, so making sure I have a bit of colour on me is a must. 

So for those of you who fancy getting your tan on this Summer I've compiled a list of tips and tricks to make sure you get the most perfect shade. 

1. Exfoliate like crazy - I get so, so annoyed when people don't exfoliate. It's such an obvious thing to do before putting on your tan. I don't understand why anyone would want an uneven tan - which is exactly what would happen if you didn't exfoliate the day before. If you want to be tanned for the weekend always exfoliate on the Wednesday or Thursday before (along with shaving off those pesky leg hairs). This helps get rid of the dead skin and will make your tan look smoother and more consistant. Exfoliating stops you from getting dark, dry patches as well, so this is a definite must.  I personally exfoliate my whole body the day before I put on tan and once a week when I'm wearing the tan to get rid of any old, tanned skinned cells that have gone a bit gross. 

2. Moisturise - After exfoliating it is a must to moisturise your body. Moisturising helps stop those pesky dark, dry patches from tanning. Also make sure that you moisturise whilst wearing the tan as well, fake tan can be super drying to your skin so moisturising keeps your skin from shedding therefore making your tan last a lot longer.

3. Leave it on for 8 hours (at least) - I know you can now get tans that promise you they will start to work after an hour but I'd still recommend putting your tan on and leaving it over night to properly latch onto your skin. This will give you a darker colour, which is great for us paleys. If you wash it off before the 8 hour mark you are likely to have a very subtle tan which might not be what you want. 

4. If you are super pale consider buying a medium/dark tan - I remember when I spoke to the Vita Liberata team at last years Manchester FABB event and they recommended I used a light tan because I was so light skinned. Wrong. Light tans, for me, just do not work. They don't work at all. I don't even get a tiny bit of colour pay off. Even when I tried Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan, I had no colour pay off. If you are like me and for some reason your skin rejects these lighter formulas try investing in a medium/dark tan. I recently bought Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan in Dark and it was absolutely amazing. My skin was the most perfect shade of brown and I looked fantastic (if I say so myself).

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  1. Hello from Spain: interesting tips. Very useful. Keep in touch

  2. I'm really pale and I've found that a lot of tans look muddy on me. I tend to go for more orange shades because they just seem to work better with my lighter skin. I'd really recommend L'oreal sublime bronze gel (the clear one), I've been using it for about 5 years now and love it!


  3. Great tips! I'm very pale as well, so I could use all the help I can get. Thanks for sharing!! :)


  4. great tips!
    I am also pale and struggle to find a tan that works for me!


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