Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick In LA


I'm sorry if it seems that all I'm reviewing at the moment is lip products, I'm just on a total lipstick kick right now and it's literally all I've been buying. My obsession is getting out of control! Today's lip product is Seventeen's Mirro Shine Lipstick in LA. 

I'm not usually a fan of sheer lipsticks. In fact I think that this is the first and only one that I own. My main loves in life are matte lippies and highly pigmented ones, so this for me is a complete change (and shock) but the colour was far too pretty to pass up. I just had to have it. 

L.A is a stunning orangey-red shade, it looks extremely orange in the bullet but once swatched it turns into such a gorgeous, wearable shade. It offers a beautiful but bright colour that needs very minimum maintenance through-out the day. The formula is lovely as well, it glides on easily and leaves a super glossy slick of colour behind. You really don't need more than one layer of this lipstick and I found that it barely needed touching up during the 6 hours that I wore it. Plus because of it's glossy nature it felt extremely hydrating on the lip and super moisturising which is such a nice change since I'm used to matte lipsticks that tend to dry my lips out.

Something that I loved about this lipstick was that in the packaging you get a tiny little mirror! How adorable and so handy. This lippie really lives up to its Mirror Shine name and I absolutely love it. Have you tried any of Seventeen's Mirror Shine lipsticks? What did you think? Do you like this one?
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  1. It looks lovely, although the swatch seems a lot more sheer than I had expected :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Lovely shade! ♥


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