Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer


Makeup Revolution have become one of my favourite brands. High quality makeup for amazingly cheap prices. Today I'm going to be reviewing their Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in the shade in "Fall In Love".

I am obsessed with lacquers at the moment, especially those that dry matte. I love everything matte! This lacquer really reminds me of the MUA and Topshop lacquers in that it's extremely pigmented with a thick and creamy formula. It dries into a matte finish almost instantly and it feels so lovely on the lips.The applicator brush is a pretty standard lip-gloss brush, it's easy to work with and allows you to get a precise application. "Fall In Love" is a very bright pink shade that isn't for the faint hearted. I love this colour though and think it looks amazing if worn on a night out when you've got your whole night out face painted on!  

The longevity is also so amazing. Once this is applied it doesn't budge at all. I applied this before a night out on the town and spent the night drinking and eating, but 6 hours later the colour was still present on my lips. It's absolutely fantastic. I cannot praise it enough. 

Makeup Revolutions Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers are priced at £3.00 which is fantastic when you think you can pay up to £10 for these from a more established drug store brand (I'm thinking Max Factor Lipfinity here). There are 7 different shades, which all look absolutely gorgeous and I'm definitely going to pick up some more. I'm so chuffed with this product so make sure that you check Makeup Revolution out! 

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  1. Wow that's super pigmented!

  2. How amazing are these?! I want the whole collection, I only have 3 at the moment but I'm in love with them!
    I love Makeup Revolution I think they could easily take over MUA.
    Great post!

    Brogan Jay x

  3. Gorgeous color! I love matte finishes! xx
    Rena Kiss and Make Up

  4. Hello from Spain: great color. Keep in touch

  5. Make up revolution seems to have taken over blogs as of late and yet I'm still to try them! I reaaaaally need to try the brand! I think I'll start with a few of these, this shades so pretty!

    Hannah x

  6. Wow that colour is stunning! :) xx

  7. Can't get over how great quality this brand is!

    I have a giveaway going on right now if you're interested!
    love victoriajanex


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