Imperial Leather Foamburst *

 First things first, these are PR samples! 

I felt insanely excited when these babies arrived with the postman a week or two ago. I was so excited after reading the PR email about Imperial Leather's Foamburst body washes that I just had to try them! The packaging looked so pretty, I have never seen a body wash like this before in my life.

Imperial Leather Foamburst (the two that I was sent came in Sweet Vanilla & Cherry Blossom and Rebalancing Green Tea & Jasmine) was relaunched last year with brand new, sleek packaging. This is a product that has been around for a while and it's a product with a lot of hype around it.  The new packaging is a far cry from the white, reds and golds of the old Imperial Leather and instead comes in a gorgeous black bottle with colourful patterns all over it. The bottles are now in an appropriate hourglass shape which somewhat resemble us ladies' bodies. It's all very feminine and pretty.

Whilst looking a lot more sleek, the functionality of the product remains pretty much the same. Each bottle has a aerosol top, which can be pressed down to emit a little shower gel. When touched with water the body wash magically transforms from a smooth gel to a wonderful burst of foam. The foam is actually amazing and something I've never really seen before outside of shaving gels. It looks a lot like a shaving gel to begin with but it smells like heaven! Both of the body washes smell gorgeous and are so strong! The foam is so luxurious, I'm actually obsessed with it and I've been using this product every day. It's certainly replaced my old and boring Tesco's own shower gel. 

I'd highly recommend that you try Foamburst if you haven't already! It's such a unique beauty product and one with a fashionable new look. It's also really cheap to buy (which we all know I like, nothing better than a good bargain) and is priced at around £3 depending on where you shop! 

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  1. I have had a weird obsession with wanting to try this product for so long! I really need to buy it

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  2. I've never heard of this brand or product before but it sounds lovely lovely!


  3. I always see these in the shops and never really knew if they are nice because you can't just open it to have a sniff but I might have to give gem a try :) good review x

  4. These foambursts sound incredible! The scents sound divine - thanks for sharing!

    These look lovely, especially Enchanted Coral! Great swatches by the way :)
    Good luck with your little one, I wish you all the best :D



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