Roller Fringe

My Grandad gave me a lot of my Nana's rollers last weekend and I mean A LOT. So I've been messing about with them today in my day of boredom! A look that I have always loved is the pin-up girl look. You know the one with the roller fringe and the massive hair? So I thought I'd messily try and have a go! 

All you need is:

  • 1 roller
  • A couple of bobby pins
  • Hair spray
  • Comb/Brush

Basically all you have to do, is section off a piece of hair that you want to be your roller fringe. Make sure it's quite thick so it covers the whole roller. Then place the roller under the ends of your hair and start rolling upwards! Once it's at the top, spray with hair spray and bobby pin into place! Then back-comb your hair until you get something that resembles something like this:

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I Love...Fred Perry!


I've always been a massive fan of Fred Perry clothing - especially on lads (everything Kieron owns is Fred Perry and god it's hot) but I'm also a massive fan of Fred Perry's female collection! It's just so...British! I love polo shirts, fitted jumpers and cute pumps, I just think they look so nice on pretty much everyone. Today I've been checking out their Summer 2013 collection and I have to say that I am super impressed! Definitely going to invest in some new clothes when I get my loan in and I think this is were I am going to start. I just love that polka dots are a massive part of this years Summer collection as I adore polka dots! 

So what do you think? Do you like Fred Perry?

Fred Perry Printed Polka Dot Polo Shirt - £65

Fred Perry Flecked Crew Neck Sweater - £85

Fred Perry Classic Gingham Shirt - £65

Fred Perry Polka Dot Print T-shirt - £40

Fred Perry High Waisted Shorts - £70

Fred Perry Cap Sleeve Polka Dot Dress - £80

Fred Perry Cotton Bowling Ball Bag - £75

Fred Perry Phoenix Polka Dot Plimsoles - £45

Fred Perry Aubrey Canvas Shoe - £42
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Mine & Kieron's Anniversary Day out!

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Another quick life update! As you probably already know it was mine and Kieron's 2 year anniversary on Sunday. We went to the Trafford Centre and had a fantastic time! 

First we went to the Exchange Bar & Grill - which is like a big American restaurant and I ate a 12 inch hotdog whilst he had a massive veggie burger with loads of super salty fries and coleslaw! The whole meal was wonderful and I got myself a little drunk on cocktails. 

Then we went to play Mini Golf. The golf court was so cute, it was like beach/tikki themed and it was absolutely hilarious. I lost though, by quite a lot but I'm convinced it was because I was drunk - maybe we'll have to go back again and play so I can beat him! 

We attempted to go shopping but you know what the Trafford Centre is like. It gets so packed so quickly and it's just too much to bare. Nobody likes queueing up for half an hour. So we went home and watched a few movies and I ate like 12 bags of crisps and that was our lovely, cute anniversary! I had such a nice time and I think Kieron did too. It was such a laugh and I'm so happy!

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Eyebrow Style Stencils

I've heard a lot about eyebrow stencils but not wanting to pay £14.99 for a full set plus pencils ect I decided to have a look on ebay! On ebay it's so cheap and I managed to get a set of 4 stencils for £1.50 and they arrived this morning so I just thought I'd show you all!

The set I bought are called Magical Eyebrow Style Stencils! They come with 4 stencils but on ebay you can choose what sort of stencil you want and the stencils come in all sorts of different styles and sizes. So go and have a look if these interest you.

I really like these stencils, although one of them is FAR too big for my face the rest look really nice and natural. I used an eyebrow pencil to draw them on but obviously these stencils can be used with powder or gel - basically whatever you use to do your eyebrows!! They give you a natural yet perfect looking eyebrow which beforehand I struggled with. My eyebrows were never the exact same and it really irritated me! I'm definitely going to have to practise using these as they are abit fiddley, but I'm super excited about the concept of them! 

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Blogger Button :)

Made myself a little blog button! If you want to add this to your blog then that would be lovely :3 and we can swap blog buttons if you want! Thanks x

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A Surprise Package!!

So I went to Asda today for a treck and when I came back there was a long black package at my door. Me and my brother where like "what is this?" and I turned it over and it had my name on it! 

Rushed inside and ripped it open and my lovely wonderful gorgeous boyfriend has bought me 30 coloured roses from Interflora! I am FREAKING out. I LOVE roses, so much! This is the best anniversary gift ever. I can't wait for him to come home tonight so I can kiss his cute face off! 

I wrote a really long facebook status about it and now everyones like "gay" "super gay" but I honestly don't care. I'm allowed to be excited.

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Mine & Kieron's 2 Year Anniversary


I'm writing this now because it's going to be a pretty busy weekend and I won't have time! So on Sunday it is mine and Kieron's official 2nd year Anniversary (We also have an unofficial one in January because that's when we met) and I'm really excited about it.

2 years is such a long time to be with someone, and he is my absolute world. I feel like I've known him my whole life, he's my best friend, boyfriend and soul-mate. We've been through so much over the last 2 years and I honestly still feel the same way I did about him when we first met. You know when you just...know...well I knew instantly. I feel like we are so strong and so happy together and I never want it to change! I've planned my whole life with this boy and I just love him so much. I cannot express how much of a fantastic human being he is! 

We are going to the Trafford Centre on Sunday - hopefully the weather will have calmed itself down by then! (when is this snow going to STOP, it's March for godsake) We are going to have a lovely meal and then go and play mini golf and then do some shopping. We very rarely go out to places so it's really exciting, we usually just sit in my room watching TV haha, we are such an old couple! 

I'll make a post about Sunday some time next week and I'm sure if you are following me on Twitter you'll get my over-excited tweets every minute of the day!


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MUA Lipsticks in 03 & 01


MUA is definitely my go-to brand if I'm lacking in the pennies (and as a student, I am ALWAYS lacking in the pennies!!). I have quite a few lipsticks from MUA but I wanted to complete my collection with shades 01 and 03. 

Shade 01 is the dark red on the right, and shade 03 is the lovely bright pink on the left! 

Shade 01 is a dark red. It's highly pigmented and looks gorgeous on the lips. I always find that you can't do wrong with a dark red, and fully believe that all girls should have a dark red lippy in their makeup box! It's a lovely colour and gives quite a vampy look to my every day makeup.

Shade 03 is a much pinker shade. It's a bit decieving because it looks quite light and extremely pink but when applied it's not that much different to shade 01 - apart from is SLIGHTLY lighter - maybe one or two shades lighter, but still darker than I was expecting. This was a bit upsetting as I expected them to be extremely different but alas I was fooled. And my search for the perfect bright pink lipstick continues!! 

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Life Update!


Just a quick life update!

  1. On Sunday the 24th March (this weekend!) it will be mine and Kieron's two year anniversary. I'm so excited and I cannot actually believe we've made it this far! I'm so in love! 
  2. I've been working super hard at University and finished 3 projects today, which I'm really glad of. There's only something like 6 proper weeks left of lessons and I feel like for once I actually have things under control - although we'll see how I feel in a few more weeks. 
  3. My sister has booked her wedding and the wedding date. 7th April 2015 at Park Hall in Chorley - so exciting. The venue is literally right next to the old theme-park Camelot and it's so cute, it's all Camelot themed and she's going in the medieval suite! How many people can you honestly say have had a medieval wedding!
  4. My favourite song of the moment is "22" by Taylor Swift. Oh my god girls, why do I love Taylor Swift so much? It's a joke. I used to be such a mosher and now I've turned into a complete and utter girl! 
  5. I literally have less than £100 to live on for the next 4 weeks until my loan comes in. I feel like crying, and the thing is that I can't physically stop myself from spending and buying new things. I need a shopping re-hab.
  6. I'm getting tortoise number 2 in a few months. I'm hoping for a girl then I can breed Sid, so if any of you are interested in owning tortoises then get in touch and we can do a cute deal and you can have one of my potential babies. Thinking of calling the new tort Dinosaur!
  7. I have now seen every single episode of Spongebob Squarepants and I am extremely ashamed of myself.
Hope you're all good! x

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Nivea Express Hydration Primer


I have absolutely awful skin, and recently I've been noticing it more and more. Awful scaly, red patches all over my face - not attractive in the slightest, I'm starting to resemble Sid! 

I've been using Primer for a while but it doesn't really stop my skin from physically looking sore, so I decided to invest in Nivea's Express Hydration Primer! We all know how fantastic Nivea is normally for skin, infact I tend to absolutely cover my face in it every few nights before bedtime. It makes my skin feel soft and moisturised, but it's too thick to wear under make up - this is where Nivea's Express Hydration Primer makes it's grand entrance. 

I bought this product from Superdrug at the cheap as chips price of £3.99. It comes in a lovely white box and can be found in the skincare aisle. There are two different types of Nivea Primer's - Dry & Sensitive Skin & Normal Skin. I went for the dry skin because like I said earlier, I'm starting to look like a reptile when I wear foundation. 

When you open the box inside is the actual products. It's in a cute little glass tub with a pink lid (nice girly touch). 

The Primer itself feels like just another primer, although it's a lot less thicker than my other stuff. It's a very pale white colour which absorbs into the skin in seconds which is great because I've used Primer's in the past where I have had to sit and wait for 15 minutes for it to dry. It also feels light weight on the skin and when foundation is applied it slides on and looks perfect. All imperfections gone!

Now I've been wearing this all day and so far I've had no reptile bits popping up on my face which is great. It's obviously keeping my skin hydrated and moisturised. So far I'm really happy with this!

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My Favourite Bloggers


I love all the bloggers on here that I follow - especially those who have taken the time to talk to me/reply to message/follow me on twitter ect ect. It's a bit gay I know, but I consider you all a certain type of friend and over the last few months I've absolutely LOVED reading everyone's posts and getting to know you all. So I just wanted to make a list of my favourite blogs/people on here! Then I recommend if you aren't already following then you should definitely go and follow them!

There are more but I can't think right now! I think I will add this to my side bar then it can be accessed at any time and I'll keep updating it! 

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Sleek True Colour Matte Lipstick in Mystic


I was feeling super down this morning so instead of going to Uni I decided to treat myself to a mini shopping trip. I went to Primark and tried on some jeans (which I did not like) and then tried on some tops (which I also did not like) and then I got fed up and went to Superdrug for new makeup - because the only thing that can truly cheer me up is new makeup! 

I got quite a few items, so that means I'll be able to do lots of new posts but I thought I'd start with this Sleek lipstick! 

I've never really bought anything from Sleek before but have heard great things! I picked up the Sleek True Colour lipstick in shade Mystic! I've always wanted a purpley lipstick so this was really exciting. And at £4.99 how could I say no? Love a bargain! 

The lipstick is gorgeous. It's fantastically pigmented, the colour really glows on my lips and I love how much it stand's out. It's a pretty light purple shade which I think would go nicely with all skin tones. 

The packaging is really cute. Black and well...sleek! Look's like a higher branded lipstick which I really like! All in all I think this is a gorgeous lipstick and I will definitely be buying some more from the Sleek collection! 

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Holiday Swimwear!

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I really can't wait to go on holiday, and though I am aware that it is months and months off, I'm still super excited about Majorca and I keep buying things for my suitcase! One thing, I have not bought so far is a bikini. I have a standard swimming costume that I use for Splash Aerobics Class but it makes me look like an Olympic swimmer (so not flattering at all). Last year I bought myself a bikini from Primark which was GORGEOUS but literally the first night in Benidorm my whole bikini fell off the balcony and for the rest of the holiday I was bikini-less! 

I do personally find it hard to find a nice bikini because I'm somewhat big up top (34E to be exact), so I can't just go into a normal shop any more and buy a size 8/10 bikini because I'd end up bursting out of it. It really is hard to be a girl! I think a lot of girls have those problems with clothing size bikinis instead of bra sized ones, because we all aren't the same - and it's unfair of shops and companies to think that we are (but that's a whole other rant!) 

I also HATE these kind of bikinis:

I just don't think they do ANYTHING for us ladies. For a start, they make you look like you're completely flat chested, and they also make you look extremely saggy. Bandaeu tops are a massive no-no in my book. Not flattering at all.

Anyways, I've found a few that I really like and would possibly buy! There's a lot of styles that I do like, but my favourite is the classic bra-like bikini top, with a bit of padding and proper support! 

Weema Fringed Halterneck Bikini In White - Missguided - £19.99

Palma cherry halter full support bikini top - Bouxavenue - £26

Palma cherry frill bikini briefs - Bouxavenue - £14


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