I Love...Fred Perry!

I've always been a massive fan of Fred Perry clothing - especially on lads (everything Kieron owns is Fred Perry and god it's hot) but I'm also a massive fan of Fred Perry's female collection! It's just so...British! I love polo shirts, fitted jumpers and cute pumps, I just think they look so nice on pretty much everyone. Today I've been checking out their Summer 2013 collection and I have to say that I am super impressed! Definitely going to invest in some new clothes when I get my loan in and I think this is were I am going to start. I just love that polka dots are a massive part of this years Summer collection as I adore polka dots! 

So what do you think? Do you like Fred Perry?

Fred Perry Printed Polka Dot Polo Shirt - £65

Fred Perry Flecked Crew Neck Sweater - £85

Fred Perry Classic Gingham Shirt - £65

Fred Perry Polka Dot Print T-shirt - £40

Fred Perry High Waisted Shorts - £70

Fred Perry Cap Sleeve Polka Dot Dress - £80

Fred Perry Cotton Bowling Ball Bag - £75

Fred Perry Phoenix Polka Dot Plimsoles - £45

Fred Perry Aubrey Canvas Shoe - £42



  1. Absolutely in love with the polka dots!


  2. I'm such a Fred fan, my Amy Winehouse black polo is such a cute fit, have you checked out the new season of her collection, the Paisley prints are super cute.

    Tasha x

  3. i've been eyeing up the red polka dot pumps too! they're lovely aren't they?!


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