Nivea Express Hydration Primer


I have absolutely awful skin, and recently I've been noticing it more and more. Awful scaly, red patches all over my face - not attractive in the slightest, I'm starting to resemble Sid! 

I've been using Primer for a while but it doesn't really stop my skin from physically looking sore, so I decided to invest in Nivea's Express Hydration Primer! We all know how fantastic Nivea is normally for skin, infact I tend to absolutely cover my face in it every few nights before bedtime. It makes my skin feel soft and moisturised, but it's too thick to wear under make up - this is where Nivea's Express Hydration Primer makes it's grand entrance. 

I bought this product from Superdrug at the cheap as chips price of £3.99. It comes in a lovely white box and can be found in the skincare aisle. There are two different types of Nivea Primer's - Dry & Sensitive Skin & Normal Skin. I went for the dry skin because like I said earlier, I'm starting to look like a reptile when I wear foundation. 

When you open the box inside is the actual products. It's in a cute little glass tub with a pink lid (nice girly touch). 

The Primer itself feels like just another primer, although it's a lot less thicker than my other stuff. It's a very pale white colour which absorbs into the skin in seconds which is great because I've used Primer's in the past where I have had to sit and wait for 15 minutes for it to dry. It also feels light weight on the skin and when foundation is applied it slides on and looks perfect. All imperfections gone!

Now I've been wearing this all day and so far I've had no reptile bits popping up on my face which is great. It's obviously keeping my skin hydrated and moisturised. So far I'm really happy with this!

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  1. This looks wonderful. I've just bought their day and night cream and I can't wait to try them out! Great post :)

    Elle xx

  2. want to try this!



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