Roller Fringe

My Grandad gave me a lot of my Nana's rollers last weekend and I mean A LOT. So I've been messing about with them today in my day of boredom! A look that I have always loved is the pin-up girl look. You know the one with the roller fringe and the massive hair? So I thought I'd messily try and have a go! 

All you need is:

  • 1 roller
  • A couple of bobby pins
  • Hair spray
  • Comb/Brush

Basically all you have to do, is section off a piece of hair that you want to be your roller fringe. Make sure it's quite thick so it covers the whole roller. Then place the roller under the ends of your hair and start rolling upwards! Once it's at the top, spray with hair spray and bobby pin into place! Then back-comb your hair until you get something that resembles something like this:

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  1. So pretty and your makeup looks great! I love the wallpaper in your room as well!!(:


  2. Love your hair like that! x

  3. this is so cute on you!
    i'm having a big sulk at the moment because my googlemail isn't working and i know i've got an email from you that i can't open or reply to. seriously grumpy about the situation. i've not abandoned you on purpose though, i promise! i'll be back as soon as my technology stops being a loser :) xxxx

    1. Stupid googlemail!! Its okay, I am waiting paitently for your reply haha xxxx

  4. Love your hair...I've always loved the pin-up look but I could never pull it off as well as you. :)
    Also, Your blog name is perfect. It makes me think of Motion City Soundtrack.

  5. you're hair is so pretty and you really suit this look :) xx


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