Eyebrow Style Stencils

I've heard a lot about eyebrow stencils but not wanting to pay £14.99 for a full set plus pencils ect I decided to have a look on ebay! On ebay it's so cheap and I managed to get a set of 4 stencils for £1.50 and they arrived this morning so I just thought I'd show you all!

The set I bought are called Magical Eyebrow Style Stencils! They come with 4 stencils but on ebay you can choose what sort of stencil you want and the stencils come in all sorts of different styles and sizes. So go and have a look if these interest you.

I really like these stencils, although one of them is FAR too big for my face the rest look really nice and natural. I used an eyebrow pencil to draw them on but obviously these stencils can be used with powder or gel - basically whatever you use to do your eyebrows!! They give you a natural yet perfect looking eyebrow which beforehand I struggled with. My eyebrows were never the exact same and it really irritated me! I'm definitely going to have to practise using these as they are abit fiddley, but I'm super excited about the concept of them! 



  1. Looks interesting!


  2. Ooh might give this a try!


  3. This is a great idea and it looks like it works really well, there is nothing worse than filling in your eyebrows so they look wonky. I do this too often!

    E x

  4. These look really nice on you. I don't think I could ever get the hang of using them though. I guess I'll keep free-handing.


  5. I bought the same ones from ebay, haven't used them in a while. I like how they have different versions and the low price lol, xoxo.


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