Holiday Swimwear!

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I really can't wait to go on holiday, and though I am aware that it is months and months off, I'm still super excited about Majorca and I keep buying things for my suitcase! One thing, I have not bought so far is a bikini. I have a standard swimming costume that I use for Splash Aerobics Class but it makes me look like an Olympic swimmer (so not flattering at all). Last year I bought myself a bikini from Primark which was GORGEOUS but literally the first night in Benidorm my whole bikini fell off the balcony and for the rest of the holiday I was bikini-less! 

I do personally find it hard to find a nice bikini because I'm somewhat big up top (34E to be exact), so I can't just go into a normal shop any more and buy a size 8/10 bikini because I'd end up bursting out of it. It really is hard to be a girl! I think a lot of girls have those problems with clothing size bikinis instead of bra sized ones, because we all aren't the same - and it's unfair of shops and companies to think that we are (but that's a whole other rant!) 

I also HATE these kind of bikinis:

I just don't think they do ANYTHING for us ladies. For a start, they make you look like you're completely flat chested, and they also make you look extremely saggy. Bandaeu tops are a massive no-no in my book. Not flattering at all.

Anyways, I've found a few that I really like and would possibly buy! There's a lot of styles that I do like, but my favourite is the classic bra-like bikini top, with a bit of padding and proper support! 

Weema Fringed Halterneck Bikini In White - Missguided - £19.99

Palma cherry halter full support bikini top - Bouxavenue - £26

Palma cherry frill bikini briefs - Bouxavenue - £14


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  1. I'm the same fairly big on top and love a nice supportive and fully covered bikini! Love the Boohoo and ASOS leopard print!! X


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