Sleek True Colour Matte Lipstick in Mystic


I was feeling super down this morning so instead of going to Uni I decided to treat myself to a mini shopping trip. I went to Primark and tried on some jeans (which I did not like) and then tried on some tops (which I also did not like) and then I got fed up and went to Superdrug for new makeup - because the only thing that can truly cheer me up is new makeup! 

I got quite a few items, so that means I'll be able to do lots of new posts but I thought I'd start with this Sleek lipstick! 

I've never really bought anything from Sleek before but have heard great things! I picked up the Sleek True Colour lipstick in shade Mystic! I've always wanted a purpley lipstick so this was really exciting. And at £4.99 how could I say no? Love a bargain! 

The lipstick is gorgeous. It's fantastically pigmented, the colour really glows on my lips and I love how much it stand's out. It's a pretty light purple shade which I think would go nicely with all skin tones. 

The packaging is really cute. Black and well...sleek! Look's like a higher branded lipstick which I really like! All in all I think this is a gorgeous lipstick and I will definitely be buying some more from the Sleek collection! 

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  1. That colour is amazing!!!

  2. This colour looks gorgeous! I've never tried a Sleek lip stick before but after seeing this, I think I might have to :) Such a bargain xxx

  3. I love sleek's eyeshadows! so i'll definitely have to purchase a few lipsticks also! xx


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