Mine & Kieron's Anniversary Day out!

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Another quick life update! As you probably already know it was mine and Kieron's 2 year anniversary on Sunday. We went to the Trafford Centre and had a fantastic time! 

First we went to the Exchange Bar & Grill - which is like a big American restaurant and I ate a 12 inch hotdog whilst he had a massive veggie burger with loads of super salty fries and coleslaw! The whole meal was wonderful and I got myself a little drunk on cocktails. 

Then we went to play Mini Golf. The golf court was so cute, it was like beach/tikki themed and it was absolutely hilarious. I lost though, by quite a lot but I'm convinced it was because I was drunk - maybe we'll have to go back again and play so I can beat him! 

We attempted to go shopping but you know what the Trafford Centre is like. It gets so packed so quickly and it's just too much to bare. Nobody likes queueing up for half an hour. So we went home and watched a few movies and I ate like 12 bags of crisps and that was our lovely, cute anniversary! I had such a nice time and I think Kieron did too. It was such a laugh and I'm so happy!

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