MUA Lipsticks in 03 & 01


MUA is definitely my go-to brand if I'm lacking in the pennies (and as a student, I am ALWAYS lacking in the pennies!!). I have quite a few lipsticks from MUA but I wanted to complete my collection with shades 01 and 03. 

Shade 01 is the dark red on the right, and shade 03 is the lovely bright pink on the left! 

Shade 01 is a dark red. It's highly pigmented and looks gorgeous on the lips. I always find that you can't do wrong with a dark red, and fully believe that all girls should have a dark red lippy in their makeup box! It's a lovely colour and gives quite a vampy look to my every day makeup.

Shade 03 is a much pinker shade. It's a bit decieving because it looks quite light and extremely pink but when applied it's not that much different to shade 01 - apart from is SLIGHTLY lighter - maybe one or two shades lighter, but still darker than I was expecting. This was a bit upsetting as I expected them to be extremely different but alas I was fooled. And my search for the perfect bright pink lipstick continues!! 

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  1. I love these lipsticks, I used to wear Shade 3 every day for months :) I should get it out again actually as I haven't worn it in a while x

  2. I have shade 3 myself and I adore the colour :)I love these lipsticks x

  3. I have shade 01 and I love it apart from the fact that it needs to be applied with a few coats to get an even look xx

  4. I love MUA lipsticks my favourite is shade number 2.
    I have just found your lovely blog so will now be reading your new follower :).

  5. I love MUA lippy, these are gorgeous!

    New Follower :)

  6. I love the MUA lipsticks, they are really great and dirt cheap!
    If you are searching for pink lipsticks you should try Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finish in 20 (it's a fuschia pink colour) or Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte in 101 (it's a pale pastel pink). Both are amazing and also very cheap!


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