MUA Nail Constellations Review.


So I bought the new MUA Nail Constellations yesterday afternoon, I was so excited to make my nails pretty that I practically ran home! But after trying it, I'm not so sure I like this product at all.

They were hard to apply and very messy. The MUA website tells you to shake the bottle and the balls just come out, but you have to shake it HARD, which then makes the balls come out fast and ended up all over my bedroom floor. I ended up pouring half of the bottle into a bowl and I just stuck my nails in there. The balls don't stick to nail varnish well and kept falling off any time I moved my hands. If you are going to use these I would suggest wearing a top coat of nail varnish, because one minute I had a hand full of pearly bally nails and the next there was absolutely nothing left on my nails. I was so excited about this product and I feel it was a total let down especially since I had to ask for it in Superdrug because they aren't even being sold properly yet.

I feel this COULD of been a good product, it just didn't work for me.


Last night was my birthday night out, so below is just a few pics we took around Preston. I had a brilliant time and was so happy all night long. Fab.


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  1. Such a shame the nails didn't work it could of been amazing!! On the bright side you look great in your red dress ;)

    Have you seen the jewellery giveaway over on my blog?

  2. Ohhh, shame this didn't work! :( Maybe it'd work better one just one nail on each hand than them all? On the plus side, you looked lovely! xo

  3. I hate it when products don't live up to the hype, I was going to buy the MUA varnish, but I think I'll give it a miss now X

  4. It's a shame they don't work as well as they should, I hate things like that; especially when I get excited for them. On the plus side it looks like you had an amazing birthday and you look gorgeous! xx

  5. Really is a shame that the product was a let down! Because they look so good in the picture! xx

  6. mine worked really well, absolutely love them, found them very easy to apply and they stay on for days x


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