Birthday Gifts, Mini Haul & Family Meal

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I have quite a bit to talk about in this post that I want to share with you! The last few days have been hectic and fabulous and I am finally 21! Whoo.

To the left are all the presents I got for my birthday. I didn't get a lot in comparison to some people's 21st's because in March my parents paid £1000 for me and my boyfriend to go on holiday so, fair enough ha!

I received: Red AXParis Dress, Cherry Sours, 21st Shot Glass, 21st Wine Glass, The Sims 3 Supernatural, 2 Chick Books, Pirates DVD, Gold Monkey Bracelet from Topshop and Earrings from Topshop.

I got the Topshop jewelry from Kieron and I absolutely adore them. I haven't taken the Monkey Bracelet off once because I just love it so much and the earrings are PERFECT to wear with my new dress. I was impressed with his choices and I'm really glad he got what he did. A* Boyfriend.

I received the Shot Glass from my friend Holly who I have known literally since I was 2 years old. I love it. It's so cute and I will definitely be using it a lot tonight! It's so personal and a great present. It says "JANE'S 21ST BIRTHDAY 4TH OCTOBER 2012". My sister bought me something similar in the form of a Wine Glass. I've only just really started drinking Wine but I definitely find it cheaper and it's great to stock up on so this glass will come in handy. It was also personalised to say "Happy 21st Birthday Jane" which I love. 

I was really pleased with my presents and I definitely felt like my friends and family know me really well!

Today with my money and since I am going out on the lash tonight around Preston I thought I'd give myself a birthday treat. I very rarely get to buy myself anything nice because I'm lacking in money so below is my "mini haul".

I bought the gorgeous bag from Primark for £6. It's going to be perfect to wear tonight with my dress, and for £6 I didn't really think I could do wrong. I also bought from Primark some baby wipes for £1 (for all those makeup mistakes I will probably make tonight before I go out) and a new Primark lipstick for £1 since my pink one is gorgeous. I've actually tried on the lipstick now and it's a gorgeous full red colour. Brilliant for £1! 
I also nipped into Superdrug because I knew I wanted some eyelashes tonight. I really wanted to buy some of the thicker Katy Perry lashes but I was scared they might be too much for my eyes so I chose "Oh, Honey" which seem to be inbetween super thick and natural. I cannot wait to try them on later. I also bought a £1 nail polish from MUA in Pink. Whilst I was scanning the MUA products I remembered seeing something on their website about a new nail product. So I asked. The product is called Nail Constellation and they're basically tiny little pearly balls which you can apply to your nail so I am REALLY excited about trying these out tonight on my nails. It only cost £2.50 from Superdrug so whether they work well or not, at least they were cheap! According to the man at Superdrug they aren't meant to be selling these yet so if you want them and can't find them, definitely ask! I will do a review on them later once I've made my nails pretty!

Lastly, last night I went out for a birthday meal with my family to Chiquitos. I had a lovely time but truth be told I was absolutely knackered and was ready for bed by the time I get home. I hope I'm not so tired tonight!

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  1. You got some lovely things! Love the skull earrings and the dress (of course). You'll have to make a post on the nail constellations when you try them! :) xo


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