Forever 21 - The Trafford Centre

Oh my god, I am literally jumping for joy all over the place. I am so happy, tears are running down my smiling face. 

So I went to The Trafford Centre today with my WHOLE family (godsake) and I was super excited because I knew that Forever 21 had opened up there and I was super excited to get my shopping head on. Now if you don't know Forever 21 is an American shop which I believe has only just started selling to and in the UK. I spent 7 Summers in Florida and this place was basically my haven whilst I was out there. I am talking shopping perfection.So obviously, this was really exciting for me.

Anyway the shop is HUGE, it is massive. Bigger than the Topshop and much better and much cheaper! That's my favourite thing about Forever 21 is the prices are brilliant and the quality of all the products I've ever purchased from there have been great. Needless to say, I was in there for a good hour. 

I only came out with a few things because I am SKINT. But it's my Nana's funeral on Wednesday and I wanted something nice. She wrote in her Will, that she doesn't want black worn at her funeral so that gave me a hell of a lot of options! 

I settled for a lovely turquoise blouse and a black and turquoise lace midi skirt. These two look absolutely amazing on and are also quite formal so fit for the funeral and I will definitly be able to wear these two separately with other items of clothing. It only cost about £30 for both of these items. Honestly, I am so happy!

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  1. aw, my grandad was like that for his funeral! my brother was only little at the time and wore a scoobydoo jumper :)
    your nana will think you look gorgeous!
    p.s, i didn't know forever 21 had opened in the trafford centre so you've lead me into dangerous territory mrs!
    laura xx

    1. Oh my god, it's fabulous. Go NOW! :D xx

  2. I hear such good things about forever21 I def need to need to experience this shop, love the skirt!! X

  3. Ahhhh I wish there was a Forever 21 near me, although it's probably best for my bank balance that there isn't! You'll look wonderful. xo

  4. That's so unique yet lovely that your nan didn't want black worn at her funeral, I was actually at my nan's sisters funeral yesterday it is so hard to find a stylish yet appropriate outfit but I think you've done brilliant.
    I hope your ok hun, I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose a nan.

  5. Amazing new in dear, i like everything :D

    Hope you'll visit me and partecipate in my giveaway :D
    Lots of kisses, Elena

  6. Gahh I'm jealous; live in Manc and STILL haven't been! I was invited down to the London one in conjunction with the launch of the Trafford centre one. Such good prices! Love your blog, following :) x

  7. I've only ever been to forever 21 in America too, I moved to London for uni and they have one here and I was overwhelmed as well haha! This is such a lovely outfit, sorry about your nan :(
    Love your blog! feel free to have a look at mine too :) xxx

  8. I am definitely jealous you have a forever 21 so close to you, and after seeing that stunning midi skirt you've bought I'm even more jealous!
    Love your blog, Maddie xx

  9. I work in the Trafford centre and I always go in here and lust after the gorgeous clothes!id never even heard of it until a few months ago.roll on pay day!!!xx


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