Manchester & Fit Me Foundation Lust!

So today I went shopping with my friend Abby in Manchester, I say shopping but I didn't actually buy anything but a Subway (ha) but I had a wander around and lusted after pretty much everything - God I hate being skint! 

The one thing that really caught my eye is FIT ME foundation from Maybelline. I believe it's new - I've definitely never seen it before today! And I just love it. I was trying it on all over my face and it's so thick and creamy. Perfect and a complete full coverage and I WANT IT! So this is on my list for when my Student Loan finally comes in! Has anybody tried it? Is it any good?



  1. You look amazing in your photo! I quite fancy trying the Fit Me foundation too but I have about 4 bottles of foundation I want to use up first! x

  2. I love that blue blouse you're wearing. I've heard of this foundation a while ago and I've always wanted to try it out, Maybelline has pretty amazing products, they're definitely my fave drugstore brand.


  3. You look lovely in your pic!
    I really want to try this foundation too but i'm also mega skint :(.

  4. you look so nice in your photo!in at uni in manchester so I'm always wandering round the shops looking at all the lovely things I can't afford :( shameeee ha xx


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