Manchester & Fit Me Foundation Lust!


So today I went shopping with my friend Abby in Manchester, I say shopping but I didn't actually buy anything but a Subway (ha) but I had a wander around and lusted after pretty much everything - God I hate being skint! 

The one thing that really caught my eye is FIT ME foundation from Maybelline. I believe it's new - I've definitely never seen it before today! And I just love it. I was trying it on all over my face and it's so thick and creamy. Perfect and a complete full coverage and I WANT IT! So this is on my list for when my Student Loan finally comes in! Has anybody tried it? Is it any good?

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  1. You look amazing in your photo! I quite fancy trying the Fit Me foundation too but I have about 4 bottles of foundation I want to use up first! x

  2. I love that blue blouse you're wearing. I've heard of this foundation a while ago and I've always wanted to try it out, Maybelline has pretty amazing products, they're definitely my fave drugstore brand.


  3. You look lovely in your pic!
    I really want to try this foundation too but i'm also mega skint :(.

  4. you look so nice in your photo!in at uni in manchester so I'm always wandering round the shops looking at all the lovely things I can't afford :( shameeee ha xx


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