My Birthday Weekend


I am writing this from what feels like my death bed, and although it isn't actually my death bed it feels very much like it could be. This is also going to be a long post, filled with loads of photos! As you know (because I've told you a thousand times) it was my 22nd birthday on Friday and what a wonderful day it was! I woke up next to Kieron at his house and we went into town for an hour, had a subway and a catch up with a few friends, then came home and played Grand Theft Auto 5 for literally 8 hours. Once everyone in my family was home I got to open all my presents and cards, all of which were spectacular (more on those later) and then we went out for tea at The Great Village chinese! 

The food at the Chinese was gorgeous but we had so much of it! I had chicken and sweetcorn soup for starters which is pretty much my favourite soup of all time, then I shared vegetable chow mien and rice with Kieron, topping it all of with a bottle of wine! It was so perfect, there with all my family, having a few drinks and scoffing our faces. I absolutely love spending time with my family, we always have such a good laugh and it really made my birthday to have everyone I loved there. 

On Saturday (yesterday) I went with all my friends to Manchester for the day. This was meant to be a day drinking exercise but nothing ever works out how you plan it, does it? We got there and everywhere was absolutely packed because of football and rugby, it was horrible and it reminded me just how much I hate cities - I'm such a country girl at heart, when I have my own house I want to live in the middle of nowhere on a farm surrounded by loads of animals. It was an expensive day and having to walk 20 minutes to each bar sobered everyone up pretty quickly. That and arguments sort of spoilt it, and I cried twice during the day. Not great. Nobody had a good time, it was just one of those things...

When we got back to Blackburn we decided to stay out and met up with my brother and his girlfriend in town. We went to Barzooka which is a cocktail bar and had a few drinks and a few shots. This is were my day/night changed dramatically. Barzooka was just SO good, we had such a laugh and they kept playing great music. Fresh Prince Of Bel-air even came on at one point and I was jumping around like an idiot, singing my head off. It was great. Next we went to Malloys which is an Irish bar, and after a few more drinks and shots we were all having a great time and such a laugh! Then we went to Live Lounge which I was meant to be boycotting after an awful night there the other week, I managed to blag my way in for free and I got Tina in for free too! Sucess! I did this by shouting "I DON'T EVEN LIKE LIVE LOUNGE, IT'S RUBBISH AND IT'S MY BIRTHDAY SO I WANT TO GET IN FOR FREE" - apparently this works so try it next time you're out and you don't want to pay for stuff. I had such a good time whilst in Blackburn, we should of just gone to town instead of all the way to Manchester but eyy you live and you learn! I got home around 5 this morning and am still feeling the effects, which is why I'm led in bed, hiding under my duvet cover right now. 

Now on to my prezzies! I still have a few presents to come so I'll do another post on that when they arrive but these are what I've got so far! I was really spoiled by my family and friends and actually got loads of things I asked for!

I absolutely love the fact that I got some Mac makeup! I got Morange and Rebel in the lipsticks and Coppertone blush, all of which are gorgeous. I also received a Wicked t-shirt which is so cute, I even wore it for the meal at the Chinese because I was so excited that I'd been given it. My sister's present was cute and funny at the same time. I love the game Bullshit and cannot wait to play it, and then the saying board I thought was just SO lovely. I also received the Disney Princess ring I asked for from Emily but haven't photographed it yet, I'll show it in another post! But it's so pretty and I'm so happy with it! Of course I was given loads of bottles of wine and even some money so I felt like I was rolling in it all weekend - now I just feel poor again!

Alright now for the drunk bit: these photos were all taken either in Manchester or Blackburn town centre. The photos get progressively worse as the night goes on so bare with me. I want to tell you that I look nice in these photos but I don't. I just look atrocious. Another thing is that my dress was an absolute fashion disaster. Too big and annoying, I actually hated it but wore it anyway. Don't judge me. Some of these photos were taken on a camera and some on a phone that's why the quality is so bad on some of them.

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  1. Looks and sounds like a lovely time. Happy belated birthday!
    Really awesome presents. Would love to see some swatches of the MAC products.

  2. lovely post and glad you had a great birthday! Those MAC products look lush!

  3. Happy belated birthday! Am enviable of some of your gorgeous presents! x

  4. AWW Looks like you had such an amazing time! I'm going to see Wicked for my mums birthday at the end of the month


  5. Happy belated birthday! You got some really awesome things, lucky you! Looks like you had a great night! :)

  6. Happy belated birthday hun ~ you got some great gift xx I love the MAC and the Sleek palette ^^


  7. Love the Mac makeup, looks like you had a great birthday :)


  8. Happy Belated Birthday :) sounds like you had a fab day Hun.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  9. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your birthday. nice gifts. Lots of fun. . Keep in touch

  10. Looks awesome!
    x Hannah


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