I Got Eyelash Extensions!


Normally I have short stubby eyelashes that I absolutely hate, so when I found out that an old (best) friend from high school was now offering eyelash extensions I pretty much jumped at the chance to get them. I awkwardly facebooked her about a week ago and we planned to get together for a catch-up, a brew and my eyelash extensions! This morning she popped round to my house and after much hugging and giggling and being extremely happy to see each other, she set out to make my short horrible eyelashes look Hollywood fabulous. The process took around an hour to complete and it didn't hurt at all. It wasn't an uncomfortable experience at all, in fact I just lay on my bed whilst she did them! 

What Are Eyelash Extensions? 

Eyelash extensions, as you probably already know are a bit like wearing semi-permanent falsies. But instead of a strip of lashes, these are individual lashes which are carefully bonded onto your existing lashes with a special glue. These should be applied by a trained specialist, as the industry isn't regulated this specialist should be apart of The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology. You can choose to either have a full set of lashes or half a set, I chose half a set so the lashes look more natural. 

How Long Do The Lashes Last? 

If looked after properly eyelash extensions should last around 4 weeks, but it all depends on your eyelash cycle. Some of us shed eyelashes quicker than others so it all depends on that. The extensions will drop off naturally when your natural lashes shed. 

How Much Did They Cost? 

My set cost only £10, it really does depend on where you get them done and who does them though because eyelash extensions can cost anywhere from £10 - £150. 

I absolutely love my eyelash extensions, they look so pretty and long but also super natural! Obviously I will keep you updated with how long my set actually lasts and how things go with them during the next few weeks. I think it would be good to document exactly when my lashes start to shed and how things look so that others who want eyelash extensions can see and fully understand exactly what will happen if they get them!

What do you think? Would you ever get eyelash extensions? 
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  1. The look absolutely amazing on you and you got a great deal, but there's no way I would ever pay £150 for eyelash extensions - just imagine how many mascaras you can get for that amount LOL. Xx


  2. They're gorgeous! Where did you get them done sweetie?

    I think I want to give them a try :)


  3. They are gorgeous! Love love love them! Wouldnt pay £150 for eyelashes no matter how minted I was lol
    Its lovely getting to catch up with a long lost friend.

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  4. Ooh they look amazing! I wish I had a friend who did eyelash extensions to sort my teeny eyelashes out!
    You lucky girl, I think I'll have to stick to the false ones for the time being.

    Charlotte xx

  5. I wonder if, after some of them have shed off and only a small bunch left, they would look funny or if you can simply pluck them off?

  6. They look amazing! I have never gotten these even though I have been tempted far too many times.
    Becka x

  7. Great post, Thanks for sharing!:)

    Hugs, Brittany, xx


  8. You look lovely!!

    xx Mounia

  9. These look amazing!! I want <3


  10. Oh gosh these look amamamamaamazing! Woah and for £10? that's awesome value, she did a great job! I'm so jealous!


  11. Wow your lashes turned out so niceee, I had mine done too last year and stopped after the second time as it was thinning out my lashes and very high maintenance. But your look great, she did a wonderful job. Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin?


  12. Cute!
    x Hannah


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