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I went shopping!! Of course it got to that time of month where I was in desperate need of some retail therapy. And where else would I shop than my all time favourite online shop Motel Rocks (yes I'm obsessed, no need to point it out!)

I ordered these on the day that Motel Rocks' website went down. If you have me on Twitter, you'll know that it took me about 3 hours to navigate around the extremely slow website, and then it wouldn't let me add anything to my basket. I was in absolute despair! When I finally did get to add the items to my basket, about 5 minutes later they disappeared and I had to go and find them again! Extremely annoying, but in the end I managed to make my order and two days later they arrived at my door!

This time I decided on buying: Motel Penny Babydoll Dress in Mandala Blue (click here), Motel Jilly High Waisted Jean in Acid Wash Denim (click here) and Motel Beatrix Collared Babydoll Dress in 90s Leopard (click here). 

I decided on buying two dresses because I've decided dresses are going to be my thing this Autumn. I love dresses with warm wooly tights and boots, I think they're perfect for the ever changing weather! The jeans are also absolutely perfect! I now own three pairs of these jeans in various different colours and shades, they're such a great fit for someone as short and small as I am. They're really comfortable and on trend, and also quite cheap at £40, so I definitely suggest you check them out.

Don't forget you can get 20% off all items at the checkout by using the code MINICHIMP2001

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  1. That print on the blue dress is just beautiful!
    Ellie xo

  2. I've never bought something from motel rocks but I love the prints of these dresses :D

  3. Love the blue dress! I enjoy reading your blog so I've nominated you for The Sunshine Award! All the details and how to's are over on my blog :)


  4. The blue dress is so cute! x

  5. nice kinda vintage :)


  6. The blue dress is really cute :3

  7. I absolutely love the blue patterned tea dress. Lovely post! I love your blog too. Thanks so much for the lovely comment on mine and the follow - following back! Keep in touch, Megan x


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