Models Own Velvet Goth Nail Polishes


Recently I received two of the Models Own Velvet Goth nail polishes in the colours Obsidian (black) and Amethyst (dark purple). I'm not really a big nail varnish girl, I must say that my nails are atrocious and short and over bitten but I thought "hey let's give these a go!" so when they arrived at my door I was quite excited to try them out. 

The Models Own Velvet Goth collection comes in 5 shades - Obsidian, Amethyst, Absinthe, Sardonyx and Valerian. Each of these shades are matte but with lovely little sparkly bits and tiny little jewels in them. They are all quite dark shades and would be absolutely perfect to add a little bit of sparkle for this Halloween! 

Firstly I'm going to talk about how impressed I am with the packaging. These nail polishes come in the standard Models Own bottle and are of standard size (14ml) but what really makes them special is the limited edition velvet tops, it really makes these products feel like they are a luxury product and it just looks so much nicer than a plain top bottle top! 

The texture of these polishes is a little strange - they're meant to be matte but obviously with the sparkles they become more textured. The consistency of the polishes is quite thin which does make the polishes go on a little bit opaque but it's nothing that a few layers won't fix! 


Amethyst looks like a lovely dark purple shade in the bottle although is slightly disappointing when on the nails. It needs at least three coats to show up properly as it goes on very opaque and it also seems to have less jewels in comparison to Obsidian. It is however a very glamorous shade and I can see this fitting in with many Autumn outfits and looks though I'm not sure that it's quite "goth". 


Obsidian is my favourite of the two (but then again I am a sucker for a black nail posh!) This one screams gothic glamour and it looks absolutely gorgeous on. It has a hell of a lot jewels and sparkle within the product which makes the polish look not only very pretty but also quite unique. This is more of a charcoal shade but after a few swipes turns into a beautiful dark black shade. 

I wanted to do some proper swatches for you, but my nails are horrendous so these will have to do. Here you can see the difference in the textures of polishes and also see the quantity of the jewels/sparkly bits. Overall I am really impressed with these nail varnishes, they are definitely the sort of colours I would wear normally and they do help me channel my inner goth (ha!)

Models Own Velvet Goth Nail Polishes are retailing at £5 in Boots, Superdrug and all major drugstores. You can also buy these at MotelRocks with 20% discount code MINICHIMP2001! 
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  1. I love them both and it's a perfect black for this time of year :o). Xx

  2. Hello from Spain: beautiful colors of your new nail polishes. Keep in touch

  3. Models own nail polishes are meant to be great, i really want to try the scented ones! Think it's grape, banana and some others? Anyway your glittery shades are lovely too!


  4. oh these look nice, and i love the velvet lids!

    abi from a little dust

  5. These are so bloody pretty! And the lids ahhhhhhhhhh! Right up my street!
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

  6. These look so pretty! Love the velvet lids x


  7. Ooh I really like the black one!

  8. Love these colours! So halloweenie but so christmasy too. Gorgeous! I wouldnt be able to handle the top. I dont like the feeling of velvet :-(

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  9. I'd to see these on actual nails :)
    I love velvet & pretty sure I'll give these a go!

    Kelly ||

  10. These are gorgeous, the black shade is amazing! xx

  11. love these colours, so pretty, Iv'e nominated you for The Sunshine Award, all the info about the award is on my blog :


  12. the amethyst one is sooooo nice! will have to look into getting some as it would look over matt purples too.


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