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As you already probably know, for my 22nd birthday (last Friday) I was lucky enough to become the owner of a few new Mac items. This for me was incredibly exciting because let's face it, I'm a cheap and cheerful drug-store make-up kind of girl, so owning anything from a brand that's not in Boots or Superdrug is insane to me. 

Today I'm going to be reviewing a Mac Blush called Coppertone. Coppertone is described as being a peach-brown matte finish, though personally I would say it is more of a burnt orange-brown. It's a gorgeous colour which shows on the skin like a matte bronzer, adding a slight bit of colour which makes your face look warmer. 

Coppertone has a smooth texture which when put on correctly applies evenly on the skin. In my oppinion to wear this blush you would need to start off light and slowly build up colour, it's extremely pigmented so overuse of product can make you look a little unwashed if applied incorrectly. It is extremely blendable but obviously if you are of a lighter complexion like myself, you may want to be careful with how much product you use. Another thing to watch out for is that this product looks darker on the skin than it does in the pan, so my advise would be to swatch it on yourself before buying this blush.

It is a stunning colour, one that I have been using every day since I bought it. It's really become a staple in my every day make-up routine. Coppertone has been labelled as a "must-have" blush for tanned skinned girls and I must say that I have to agree. This looks simply gorgeous when I have my false tan on and really adds a lovely, light bit of colour to my cheeks. This is also fantastic to contour with especially if you have fairer skin, so I would say overall Coppertone would be perfect any skin tone - it all just depends on how you plan on using it!

I have tried to swatch this, but the colour just won't take on my camera. At the moment I am a bit full of fake tan so it's only showing up as a tiny bit of colour but hey-ho, I'll put the swatch up anyway and you can see for yourself (even though it's an awful swatch, I'll definitely try again for you in another post). I'm laughing at how awful this photograph is and how big my arm looks!

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  1. This looks like a really lovely and subtle shade that would be perfect for me, I tend to go for brick like shades :o). Xx

  2. Looks so nice! My favorite Mac blush is Pinch Me which is a lot more pinky toned so this would be such a break from the pinks for me. Great Post! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  3. The color looks amazing, I used to go for pink ones but lately I realized that I look better with "peachy" ones. You should definitely try more brand products. I was just like you, always trying to find something cheap and nice, but the truth is that since I started using good products I see a big difference, they are more expensive but believe me you won't feel the need to buy more stuff in a long time and that saves you a lot of money!
    Love your blog and followed you back :)
    -xo, Milene from

  4. Looks really lovely and natural :)

    Love, Satu
    Indie by heart

  5. that looks really cute! i only very rarely treat myself to mac products, but have never actually tried one of their blushes.
    i mya give it go now after seeing this!

  6. That blush looks gorgeous! I don't own anything from Mac but I really one to get some stuff, it's all so pretty! Thanks for following me btw! :) xxx

  7. Wow great Post! I LOVE your blog, and would love if you followed me! <3

  8. Such a gorgeous colour! will you be reviewing the other mac products?


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