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Secret Sales?! I bet that got your attention! I just wanted to pop this on here as I've recently joined up and I'm a sucker for sharing! 

About (taken from their website):

"Here at a designer wardrobe, glamorous home and jet-set lifestyle doesn't come with the price tag you'll see elsewhere. Every day you'll find a collection of the most coveted brands and designer names at a slice of their original price.
These perks aren't just for anybody - our private sales are only available to a select group of members and, now that you've signed up, you're in that exclusive club.
We're exceptionally proud of the relationships we've built with our brands and suppliers since our founding in 2007 and it is these valuable connections that allow us to offer our exclusive customers such incredible savings on premium brands. isn't the whim of a large corporation - at the heart of our business are four entrepreneurs who have seen their dream come to life at an incredible pace. Seeing potential in the market, they took a business model that had seen remarkable success and invested their own time and money into applying it to the UK market - and it paid off.
Our founders are as passionate and ambitious today as they were at the business's inception - a trait that easily rubbed off onBrands4friends - Germany's number one private sales club - earlier this year, when they wholeheartedly invested in a partnership with, thus boosting our success even more. Each armed with industry experience and an unnervingentrepreneurial ambition to see their idea realised, our founders have wholeheartedly dedicated themselves to the company and are still heavily involved on a day-to-day business. is guaranteed to bring you the brands you love, with the superior quality that you have come to expect at just a fraction of the price you might usually pay."

So that's pretty much it. It's a website that tells you what's on sale basically! You buy from their website and get some great goodies. Plus if you sign up using the invite below you will receive £10 FREE credit!

Why the heck not!

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1 comment:

  1. I found this website a while ago and absolutely love it! I've only bought a couple of things but there really are some gems on here!

    Christina x


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