Design Placement!

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Ahhh I am so excited I just needed to share it with people! I've been offered a placement to work in a Production Studio at University! I will be working for the linked college to produce advertisements and educational videos! I get to work in a proper office and have my own Mac and I AM SO EXCITED! Espesh because it's extremely rare that they give first years placements! And the best part of it is that one of my best friends Sophie is going to be doing it with me! I start on Monday (I think) but have a meeting about it on Thursday! The best part of this for me is that the guy who is going to be in charge of us is friends with the band The Courteeners, so I'm probably going to spend all my working time discussing music! I CAN'T WAIT!


Score one for me!

Working with green screen!

On location shooting.

Editing video.

Disney sketches.

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