Andrew Barton's Wave Envy Triple Barrel Waver

Today I treated myself to Andrew Barton's Wave Envy. I've wanted a three barrel hair waver FOR AGES as I love my hair to be wavy and hippy like. I also love the retro look waves can make and to be honest, waves do fabulous things for my facial structure (oh vanity) 

 I bought this on sale at Argos and it was about £23 which for a 3 barrel waver is an absolute BARGAIN! Some on the market at the moment are over £70 and we all know how much I like a good bargain! 

I personally think this is a great product! The waver has 9 heat settings which is great for varying tightness of the waves and also fab cause you won't over-burn your hair. It's pleasing to look at (although my mother said it looked like an instrument of torture - alright Linda, calm down) and it's just about the right size for any body with jaw length hair or longer.

Here are a few webcam pics of me styling my hair and the finished product! 

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  2. Your hair look so lovely, I'm so tempted to buy the waver, I've wanted one for ages! x

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous, i'm always trying to perfect waves this makes it look so easy xx

  4. you look gorgeous! I have a similar one and love it! Such a pretty effect :) x

  5. I love this! I want to get this so badly now... Hello payday x

  6. Hell, you're ridiculously hot! I think right now I decided to bleach my hair again :D

  7. love it..will definitely buy one :)
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