Life Update


Quick life update! I don't really have anything else to blog so I'll just let you into my life because we are all besties on the internet! 

1. Last night I went out for a meal with the ladies of my family - my Mum, sister, Aunty Dawn, Aunty Helen & (Great) Aunty Glenis. I had a lovely time but got so unbelievably drunk (which some of you may of realised if you follow me on twitter - honestly it shouldn't be so accessible!) and cried most of the night about the deaths of my Nana and Grandma. Which made me realise how I haven't really grieved at all and I still can't cope well enough to function normally. 

2. Kieron's band The Dark Rooms are the opening act for Heaven 17 on Friday and I can't wait to go and see them! Heaven 17 are a popular 80s band who sang the song "Temptation", you know the one!! HIGHER AND HIGHER, TEMPTATION! 

3. I have changed the bedding in Sid's tank to soil instead of wood chips because the idiot has suicidal tendencies and has started throwing himself off the top of rocks and his hide in his tank. 

4. I have started to read Beautiful Creatures but it's annoying me because I'm used to reading more adult themed books and everyone in this book is like 16. And it's super predictable. But yeah, we will see how it goes.

5. I haven't eaten meat, sweets or chocolate since the beginning of Lent (go me!) 

6. In one months time it will be mine and Kieron's 2nd year anniversary! I cannot wait and I'm so happy. I still can't believe how in love I still am with him after all this time! 

Honestly, how boring is my life? I have nothing else to report! 

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  1. Not boring, hunny. It was a nice post :)
    I enjoyed reading it!
    xx Lisa

  2. wow a tortoise! How cute! Happy second year anniversary, and you look lovely in your pic x

  3. if you ever get bored of sid, please send him my way. he is adorable! X X

  4. Sounds like a good update! :) Congrats on your anniversary that's ace :) You have the best pet everrrr!
    Elle xxx

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  6. Sorry to hear about your little crying session, why does alcohol induce such things? :( Congrats to you and your boyfriend on the 2 years. xo PS: I love following you on Instagram because I get all the Sid updates! Haha.

  7. That sounds like such a great night out with your family :)


  8. New follower x

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