Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation In Medium


 I recently found out that Dainty Doll makeup was on sale on Amazon (£3.99!!! from £22), so as this is a higher end brand that I have never used and it was cheap as chips, I thought I'd invest in some new foundation. 

I got Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation in Medium. Which I'm really glad about as Light would DEFINITELY of been too light. It arrived this morning and I was so excited I instantly flung it on my face!

About Dainty Doll

Dainty Doll is developed especially to enhance the beauty of fairer skin tones. Created using the finest quality, skin-loving formulas to help cover, perfect and care for your skin, The Dainty Doll range makes it much easier for those with paler skin tones to achieve the ideal shade every time.

If you didn't already know, which I'm sure most of you did - this is Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud's range of make up. She of course, is extremely pale and I think that it's fantastic that she started this range because there was a definite gap in the market for us paleys! 

 The initial packaging is gorgeous, and it's to be expected for such a high end product. Usually these foundations are £22+ so they are up with Mac and Nars in price. The box is a lovely black with white writing and the cartoon Nicola Roberts on the front is adorable! Very pleasing to the eye. As you can also see the ingredients states that this foundation is Paraben Free and is also SPF 15 - so they're really looking after us at Dainty Doll!

The bottle itself is a standard push bottle. And it squeezes out the foundation fantastically. The medium shade which I bought I would say is great for those with pale rose skin (like mine), it's sort of a light pinky colour which blends well on the skin. As you can see in the last photo it look's a little shimmery on my hand, but once on my face I couldn't notice a shimmer at all! The foundation has a thick consistency and I would say medium coverage although definitely buildable! I've had the foundation on now for 6 hours and my skin feels great, no drying at all and still looks fresh in the mirror - as if I've just put it on! 

This is definitely going to be my foundation from now on. I feel like I've moved on to bigger and better things now this foundation is in my life! Ha! 

Dainty Doll is still on sale at Amazon and you can also get it for extremely cheap on Ebay!

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  1. ah, I thought Medium would be too dark but this looks a good match from your swatches. mmmm!
    didn't really like the texture of the foundation though which I was gutted about.

  2. I got one on the same deal too, I also got a blusher and a lipstick. I can't wait to try them out! I was worried that Medium was going to be too dark too but it seems to be fine. It really suits you. :)


  3. Never thought about looking on amazon etc - really wanted to try this range for ages xxx

    check out my blog; www.imitationisthegreatestformofflattery.blogspot.co.uk and it would be great if you want to follow each other xx


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