Nailene Acrylic Sculpture Kit

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So yesterday I bought this beauty. I've always worn glue on nails but have never been able to afford to go to a salon and get Acrylic Nails done. When I saw this yesterday in ASDA at the grand price of £10, well how could I resist? 

Excuse the awful webcam quality of the picture above but I must say my nails look fabulous. They feel strong and sturdy exactly like real Acrylic Nails. My hands feel so pretty! I will definitely keep buying this kit to do my nails as I am just so happy with them! They were easy to apply but took around an hour to get them right. The only con I have is that the Acrylic completely stunk out my bedroom which made my Dad go skitzo but never mind.

I really do recommend this if you want cheap Acrylic Nails. And how can you resist at such a cheap price? 

Below is a video I found on YOUTUBE that helped me apply the nails. 

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