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I'm really writing this for all the girls out there and I just need to know your opinions and knowledge and stuff. Not long ago (maybe half a year ago) my mother made me get measured in M & S for new bras as I'd been wearing a 32C for years and years and they were extremely uncomfortable. Now I'm not going to publish how big they actually are now just purely because I have friends and family that may read this and I feel that my bra size doesn't need to be talked about. What I did want to speak about is the problems I have had trying to find a fitting, comfortable and well stylish bra since I've been measured.

The thing is with being measured is they sort of give you two possible sizes. They started me off on a D and they kept making me try on bigger cup sizes and as you all know as a girl, bigger bras well...they tend to be...well horrible. I'm talking grey-ish/white floral, flat and no underwire. Then it wasn't the cup size, it was the back size that was wrong. And eventually they found two actually three sizes that would fit me. What annoys me is that I can't get a good bra without it costing me like £40. I personally don't think I have massive boobs but for my size and height I guess it is. Which makes it difficult to find something to fit. If I wear anything a tiny bit too small the back of the bra digs into me and I always have to take it off (no matter where I am!) and I'm down to one bra that actually properly fits me now at the back but it's a cup size too small.

What I really want is to know if anybody else has had this problem? Is it just me and my weird body or do other people find that their bra size is either completely wrong or completely unknown?! No matter what your size I just want to feel like I am not alone in this! And also if you know anywhere that I can get nice bras that don't cost me loads of money?! 

I just need some help ladies!

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  1. a lot of high street places do nice looking bras but most of the time they're quite uncomfortable! i would just try everything on and see what fits right :)

    really like your blog too, btw :)

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc


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