Motel Rocks - literally. It rocks.

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So before I get onto what I wanted to post - great news!! I am now an official member of the MOTEL ROCKS STREET TEAM!

Which means if you buy anything from Motel Rocks and you put in my username MINICHIMP2001 as the discount code then you can get 20% off your order! Brilliant. So I suggest you get shopping! 

So anyways, I've been scouring Motel Rocks for the last few days. I need an outfit to wear for my boyfriend's 21st party. Below are a few of the things I am considering! 

Bryony Dip Hem Strappy Dress in Dip Dye Navy   £35.00 
I think this dress is beautiful and it could be worn as casual and dressy. It would be great for a house party for definite and it could be spiced up with heels and loads of silver jewellery if I were to go out into town in it. If I were to wear this casually I'd wear it with Doc Marten boots and a leather jacket. Perfect.

Chinara Strapless Fishtail Dress in Mystic Rose Print £48
I love these kind of dresses so much. It's pretty much perfect for the party, the only problem is that I wouldn't know when else to wear it. It is so gorgeous though.

Soheila Skater Dress in Natural Leopard Print £42

I absolutely adore this dress and is probably what I am going to choose. I am such a sucker for anything leopard print (half of my wardrobe has some form of animal print on it!) and this dress would go perfect with anything and could easily be dressed up or down. I'd love to see this with my heeled Doc Martens. 

Well these are the three I've whittled it down to. I love them all so much, it hurts to have to choose! DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE! 

I suggest you check out Motel Rocks too and get 20% off, shopping always makes a girl happy! 


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