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Above is my absolute pride and joy. My favourite thing in the world is makeup. I'm a definite makeup hoarder. Always trying to find the best brands and cheapest deals. I absolutely love it. 


 So this is a post about my beautiful box and my favourite and most used makeup products! 

I'll start firstly with my guilty pleasures - my lipsticks. As you may be able to tell I have quite a few. All different brands and types. Mostly in red or dark colours. Below are my three favourites.

Disney Mac Lipstick "Amplified Heartless" - Kate Moss "04" -  Pink Primark Lipstick
The Disney Mac Lipstick is definitely my most used lipstick of all time. I originally saw the lipstick on Tumblr a year or two back and I just thought the idea of Disney Villian lipsticks was fantastic. Then on my 19th birthday a package arrived at my door from my best friend! Inside was this beautiful lipstick and a cute little mirror. I was absolutely in love with it the moment I put it on my lips. It is the perfect shade of red. Not too dark, not too light and looks brilliant with a light skin tone. As you can tell I have used this lipstick a million times since I first got it and I'm starting to run out!

The Kate Moss Lipstick is something I wear when I'm going out into town. It's very, very dark purple. Almost black if applied in many layers. It's quite a shocking colour which is why it is reserved for nights out only. I got this from Super Drug for about £5. Kate Moss' range of lipsticks is brilliant and I know a lot of my friends wear them religiously. 

Lastly and probably my most favouritest and unexpected amazing-ness is the Pink Primark Lipstick. I bought this on a whim when I was stood in the queue in Primark. As it was only a pound and I have an uncontrollable obsession I picked it up and thought even if it was rubbish it's okay because it's a pound. Now let me tell you - this lipstick is fantastic. It's a bright pink colour, which isn't usually what I go for but for some reason IT JUST WORKS. It stays on all day and it's such a good colour. Honestly it rivals my Topshop lipsticks for definite. It's fantastic for £1.

Apart from the lipsticks I'm also a sucker for Lip Tints and Lip-gloss. My favourite Lip Tints are from Max Factor but after having a shop around I found a much cheaper version by Collection 2000 which does exactly the same job and looks just as good at half the price. 

The Super Stay 10 Hour Tint Gloss is absolutely brill. It's a lovely colour of red and really does stay on for hours on end.     

I only buy black mascara and I have A LOT of differrent types but these are my two favourites. Both in the shade of black, I constantly wear Big Fake from Collection 2000 (costs around £4 - £7) and Bourjouis Volume Clubbing Mascara (£8). I would recommend these two for any body that likes to have their eye lashes look fake. I'm talking big and beautiful lashes that are thick and fantastic to flutter.

Dream Matte Mousse "Light Porcelain" - Natural Collection Powder "Cool" - Maybelline Cover Stick "Ivory"
For my daily face I use these products. Dream Matte Mousse in "Light Porcelain", Natural Collection Powder in "Cool" and Maybelline New York Cover Stick in "Ivory".

I have extremely pale skin (think vampire skin and then make it 5x lighter in your head) because I have extremely bad anaemia and Vitamin D deficiency causing my skin to be lighter than most peoples. So if you have light skin then I would recommend these colours to you. And if not, these brands are brilliant if you have normal - dry skin. 

Eyeliners are pretty much an essential for me. I could happily leave the house without makeup but I'd have to be wearing some form of eyeliner. These are my faves. The Ink Pot is fantastic and once you get used to it, is very easy to apply. This is very dark makeup and extremely dramatic if applied correctly. 

The Fast Stroke Eyeliner from Collection 2000 I think most people own. It's brilliant and would recommend this for daily use. 

The Extreme Eyeliner is also from Collection 2000. I found this gem a few months back when shopping with my Aunty. I've always wanted to try a pen eyeliner and this one was definitely the cheapest one I could find. Very easy to apply and perfect for daily use. 

Miss Sporty Ohh Blushed Again "003 Sienna" - Standard Eye Palette from H & M
    I got the Eye Palette from H & M for about £4. The eye shadows are very shimmery but are pretty good for nights out. I don't tend to wear a lot of eye shadow which is why this is like the only eye palette I have.

The Blush was only a few pounds from Super Drug I think and it's the best and most natural cheek colour I have come across in a while. Looks great on pale skin.

And lastly...

It is an essential to have a good moisturiser. Nivea Creme I'm sure is everybody's life-saver. I know many times when I've woke up with those AWFUL red blotches on my face and Nivea has absolutely saved the day and made it easier to apply my foundation. I always apply Nivea Creme, let it dry for a few minutes then apply foundation for a perfect covering. 

Jergens Moisturiser I bought in America. I am not actually sure if you can buy it in England to be honest, and I can't be bothered looking into it. But if you need a deep moisturising creme then I would definitely recommend this one!

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  1. Wow! your makeup is all so organised! I just chuck mine all in a big box and hope I can find it again when I next need it ha! :)x


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