4 comments is my new favourite thing. I have received two boxes so far and everything in them have been absolutely delicious. I feel good eating them because I know how healthy they are (although I'm not sure you're meant to eat all of it at once! whoops) and they have given me an unhealthy addiction to dried fruit - especially Apples. I am absolutely in love with Graze!

Above is the first box I ordered. It was delicious! I love the fact that you can chose on their website exactly what you do and don't like, and you can ask them to send things sooner. I adore the Pistachio nuts and all the dried fruit and the flapjack. All of their ingredients are natural and I love how the box tells you exactly how many calories are in each compartment. These boxes are really the highlight of my Friday!

Grab yourself a free Graze Box by typing in code 4WPPMYHD
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  1. Think I'm going to have to try one! x

  2. You definitely should, they are wonderful! x

  3. Yum ^.^

    x0 Chelsea

  4. Ooh loads of people have mentioned this to me, I'm going to give it a try! xx


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