Wella Professionals Brilliance Mask


The one thing that I am proud about with my hair is how soft it always is. I am obsessed with taking care of my hair and I spend so, so much money on hair masks it's actually ridiculous. Recently I went to watch one of my gorgeous friends in a fashion show and whilst at that fashion show we received little goodie bags with loads of hair and beauty products in! Score! 

One of those hair products was a Wella Professionals Brilliance Mask which I instantly went home and shoved all over my hair. As you can see from the photographs it comes in a lovely little red pot which looks so pretty next to all my other hair products in my room. This particular mask is for fine to normal hair but I believe you can get it for different hair types which is great and shows that Wella have a good range of products that cater to all hair types. 

As with most hair masks you are directed to leave the product on your hair for around 5 minutes. I always, always leave it on for longer because usually I'm in the bath and I'm reading so I get carried away with my book and forget to wash it off. This time I think I left it on for around half an hour (whoops) but it isn't like it's going to do any damage, in fact I think it may of really helped my hair. 

The mask feels a lot like a thick conditioner which if you are a frequent mask user like myself, you will know that this is the way that most hair masks tend to feel. It does just look and smell like a typical hair mask. Once I'd finally washed it off and dried my hair I found that my hair felt so soft and in such good condition. I also noticed that it seemed lift my hair up from my roots making it look fuller and thicker. I absolutely loved this hair mask and would 100% invest in more of the Wella Professionals range.

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  1. I loved your blog

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  2. will probably end up buying this haha xx


  3. looks good ! wonder where can i get this in singapore ~~


  4. I'm always on the hunt for a good hair mask! I wonder if this is even available in Canada!

  5. Sounds great, will have to try it
    Rachel XX

  6. I have such dry hair but for some reason I never invest in hair masks, this looks like a great one to try out! Xx

    A Blonde Moment


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