I ❤ Makeup - I Heart My Lips in Beating Heart


I know what you're thinking. Another I ❤ Makeup post, blushing about how much I really do love makeup and Makeup Revolution. Yes, you are correct. I'm sorry (I'm not), but I know what I like and when I like something I want to share it with the whole god damn world and for me, you lot are my whole world. So, let's begin.

This time I'm reviewing I ❤ Makeup's I Heart My Lips lipstick in the shade Beating Heart. Firstly, JUST LOOK AT THIS LIPSTICK. IT'S IN THE SHAPE OF AN ACTUAL HEART. Aren't you amazed? The I  ❤ Makeup team have utilised ‘core’ technology to create this product. It has a Matt/Satin Outer with a Shimmery core. Once applied it blends together to create a gorgeous, heavenly lip look. 

The colour is very pink and very shimmery, it truly is a gorgeous summer shade that would look perfect with almost every look. The formula is also top-notch. It's extremely moisturising and glides fantasticly on the lips. There is no need to apply more than one layer as it's so pigmented and it lasts such a long time once on the lips. I've worn this all day (6-8 hours) without having to reapply which just shows how amazing the staying power really is for this lipstick. The I ❤ Makeup team have really created something special here.

This lipstick is only £2.49 from the Makeup Revolution website, I've said it before and I'll happily say it again, this is an absolute bargain. One that you should definitely go out and buy! 

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  1. I really need to get around to checking out makeup revolution!
    Great post!


  2. Ahhhh the packaging and product looks SOOO amazing! I love it!
    I can't believe it lasts so long aswell, that's the main thing that appeals to me about a lipstick ... the shade is gorgeous to!

    Kelly from | DayDreams & DaisyChains

  3. omg this lipstick is so cute :o



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