I ❤ Makeup - Lip Geek in "I Worked For It"


I ordered a few bits and bobs from the Makeup Revolution website the other day because I adore their products and their prices are so amazing! Among many different products I picked up an I Heart (Love?) Makeup - Lip Geek lipstick in the shade I Worked For It. 

I hope I am right in thinking that I Heart (Love) Makeup is one of Makeup Revolution's sister brands. Though right now I can't actually find any information about the brand itself, you can buy all their products on the Makeup Revolution website. 

The lipstick comes in such cute packaging. It's a bright pink bullet which looks so pretty and stands out in my lipstick collection. The bullet sort of looks a bit like a MAC lipstick bullet except it's a tiny bit bigger. The shade I Worked For It is a lovely deep red colour that would be perfect to wear on a night out or during the Autumn/Winter months. It is also super pigmented and only needs one swipe to cover the whole lip perfectly. The formula is extremely creamy and really glides onto the lips, though I have noticed that it does feather a little bit if you put too much on. It's one of those lipsticks that you need to keep checking on just incase it's wiped off, but I don't necessarily think that is such a bad thing - it just proves that it has a super creamy formula. 

I really like this lipstick, it's a gorgeous shade and it was an absolute steal at only £2.99. You can't really complain at that price now can you? I've seen so many great things about I Heart (Love?) Makeup recently on blogs so I urge you to check their products out now especially if they are all this sort of quality. I'm really digging these budget makeup brands that are gracing the internet right now, there is just no need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on lipstick when you can get something this good for this cheap. 

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  1. This looks amazing. Love the name "lip geek" :D I'm still yet to try anything from the makeup revolution site. :o

    Juyey.com xx

  2. That looks amazing ahhh I'm so obsessed with lip products right now!
    love victoriajanex

  3. I have so much stuff from the brand I'm yet to properly try most of it out. I think I have a lipstick in there somewhere, haha. I really can't remember if I do or not! x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  4. This is such a nice colour, and a rest ol' bargain too!


  5. That looks like such a lovely winter colour - love it (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle


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