Fun With Lisforladybird!


If you follow me on facebook, twitter or instagram you will know that I've spent the last 24 hours with the gorgeous beauty blogger Laura from Lisforladybird! I've known Laura now for just over a year and we met through blogging, we started off by commenting on each-others profiles and now we are at the point where we stop at each-others houses and text eachother all the time, in the last year we have become proper blogger besties and yes...this is so cute! 

Last night I took her out around my local town (yes on a Wednesday, wow I'm a bad influence!) and got her quite drunk along with a few of my friends! We had such a good laugh and it was so nice to have her meet some of my pals. Then today we have been to "the best pet shop in the world" to look at the kittens and meercats, then into town for a spot of sale shopping. In our last hour or so together we spent our time at the amusements playing stupid games and taking silly photos in the photobooth. It was an adorable day and I was sad to see her leave.

I really wanted to write this blog post to say how lucky I am that blogging has opened these doors of friendships up for me. Laura has become such a good friend to me and I've also met some amazing girls online through Twitter and blogging that have become staples in my life. I don't go a day without talking to these ladies and I'm so glad these people are all in my life! Blogging friends are the best.

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  1. great photos <3
    happy day!

  2. Aw, looks like you had an amazing time! And I love your hair :)

  3. awww your selfie skills are amazing ;)

  4. You're hair is absolutely gorgeous x

  5. Awww! That is soo cute! You both look lovely :) & great pictures <3

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