Nivea Pure & Natural Cleansing Toner And Lotion


I'm not going to sit back here and lie to you about how I always cleanse and tone my face after wearing makeup all day. I'm a lazy person and my skin routine has been basically none existent, I'm a face-wipe kind of girl through and through. Unfortunately during this ridiculous heatwave we've been having in the UK, I've found that my makeup has been clogging up my pours and that normal face-wiping action just hasn't been cutting it. Not only that but I've read a few posts recently online that have made a lot warier of what products I put on my skin, clearly I needed to make a change in my skin routine and that change started with Nivea's Pure & Natural Cleansing Toner and Lotion.

I picked these products up around two weeks ago in Superdrug. I couldn't decide which brand to go with, all I knew is that I wanted something light and natural. That's when I saw that Nivea products were on "better than half price" sale - both were only £1.66 each. You know I'm a sucker for a bargain so I snatched these up and into my ever-growing shopping basket.

Skin Care Expertise Meets Nature
Nivea state that their experts have combined 100 years of skin research with effective ingredients from nature. Both the toner and the lotion contain Bio Argan Oil and Bio Aloe Vera, two key ingredients that help to gently cleanse and revitalise your skin whilst supporting your skin's natural balance. 95% of the ingredients are of natural origin which makes both of these products extremely great for your skin without all the manufactured nastiness that some lotions contain. 

I love the packaging for these products. Plain, simple and very white. With a flip lid at the top that makes it easy to dispense the products and helps you get just the right amount of product. The application process is the same as most, if not all cleaners/toners. Apply daily with cotton wool to your face and neck and wipe until your face is clean. I am really enjoying using both the cleanser and the toner. They are both extremely gentle on my skin and really does the job of getting rid of my sweaty gross makeup after a day in the sun effectively. They aren't drying and they don't make my skin feel tight, they just make my skin breathe and feel fresh! They both have a lovely fragrance which I am told is different from the standard fragrance for Nivea products, it's extremely light and smells so pretty. I really love the scent! 

You can get the Nivea Pure & Natural range from any Boots, Superdrug or supermarket for extremely cheap. I would really recommend these products to anyone with sensitive skin or for those who don't want to break the bank! 
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  1. These sounds so so lovely, I'm definitely going to invest in some when my current ones run out. Xx

    Jemma // Jemma In Words

  2. Hello from Spain: I like Nivea. Great brand. Keep in touch

  3. These lotions look so good, I think I am definitely gonna try these out. You have a great blog x


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