The Sun Has Got His Hat On!

Today it's glorious outside and for the last hour and a half I've been out with my dog Max and tortoise Sid, we've had a great time in the garden and I've tired both of them out!

This was an exciting moment for me as Sid is almost 6 years old and in his whole life has never, ever been outside in the actual sun. Sun and proper UV rays are desperately needed for a tortoise to grow properly, which is why he has a super lumpy shell, so I've been waiting for the sun to finally shine so I could get him outside! 

He absolutely LOVED it. Running around and sunbathing on all the rocks. Chasing the dog around and nibbling on the grass. It felt so good to see him enjoying himself and not stuck in his tiny enclosure. He's absolutely knackered now and has gone straight to sleep. I'm so grateful for the weather right now and I hope that it carries on like this for a few days!

I've been so busy over the last few days, I had my sisters birthday meal yesterday and an essay to write, I've been completely down in the dumps because of the weather and today has just completely cheered me up. I still haven't done any of my essay but OH WELL. Still a week left, not a big deal...what an awful student I am. 

I'm going to Kieron's this afternoon and stopping over there tonight. Then tomorrow we are going for a meal for his brothers 18th birthday with all of his family, which will be super nice. I feel a lot more positive today, it's crazy how much a bit of sun can change your whole attitude on life.

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  1. Aww can I please steal your pets they are adorable! I'm so glad to finally be getting some sun too!

  2. This is the cutest post I have ever read! I want your tortoise! x

  3. beautiful! <3 love your dog sooo much *__*

    like that post and your whole blog, too. follow u now :*

  4. Your pets are sooo cute! I want them haha.

    Jamie ♥

  5. A nice day always makes my day better. :) Max is so cute!!


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