The Body Shop's Wild Rose Hand Cream


I got this for Christmas and only decided to open the box last night. I'm a big fan of hand-creams and I love how they make my skin feel and smell so I was quite excited when I remembered that I'd been given this! 

Body Shop's Wild Rose Hand Cream comes in a lovely pink box with a nail file which I think is a super cute touch. The bottle it comes in reminds me of something from a home hair dye kit. But still it looks nice and quite pricey - which I like. 

The cream itself I'm not sure that I actually like. I love roses but anything that claims they smell of roses always disappoints me, I thought it smelled like dead roses to be honest. Not the nicest of smells but I put it on anyways. The cream is super thick and well - creamy. It's also slightly pink in colour. It rubs well into the skin but like I said, the smell became too overwhelming for me and I had to take it off. 

Even after I'd taken it off it still had this lingering smell and when I ate I could taste it all over my hands. Not nice. I've never experienced that with a hand cream before. So overall I wouldn't personally purchase this again for myself and neither would I buy it for anybody else!

Disappointed :(

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  1. no way?! i love this one but i agree it doesn't smell of roses- it reminds me of midget gems, or of how midget gems taste. sort of like perfumey. do you know what i mean? i hope so. i call it the midget gem hand cream :) i'm quite lucky because i like that smell but i do know what you mean about the taste when you eat. it's definitely one to use before fork food, not finger food! xxxx

  2. I definitley want to try this one! I have the Hemp Hand Protector which is amazing but I just can't stand the smell! Bit of a dissapointment that this one doesn't smell of roses properly but I guess I'll still give it a go :)! xx


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